Jeb is creating Historical War Music

$1 /creation
Patrons Only Feed: At this level, you get my sincere gratitude for donating to this project. It is my hope that together we can build a library of war music that can be used in fil...

$3 /creation
Lyrics Feed: Everything above + sing with me as I play! I'll send you the lyrics, c'mon... this will be fun!

$5 /creation
Music Selection Feed: Everything above + a little info on why the songs are picked, when they are from, who wrote them, and why they were significant to the war.

$10 /creation
History Feed: Everything above + a little info on what instruments I chose to perform a piece, the history behind them, and discussions on keeping the music historically accurate.

$20 /creation
Music Arrangement Feed: Everything above + a .pdf score of how I performed the music. Grab your guitar, your snare, your cittern, or your flugelhorn and play along with me!

$30 /creation
Skype Account: Everything above + my Skype account info if you want to ask specific questions. While my tour and studio schedule make it hard to 1-on-1 chat with everyone, I am mor...

$50 /creation
Creative Team: Be part of the creative process and help choose which songs I perform. There are literally thousands and thousands of songs on register with the Library of Congress....

$100 /creation
Fergie Kiss: Everything above + a huge sloppy wet virtual kiss from our pup, Fergie! I (and the fam) thank you. You obviously are a big fan and know the kind of time, effort, and f...

$200 /creation
Limited Use Catalog License: Limited license to use any one (1) of my Patreon published arrangements in your indie film, tv show, commercial, and or youtube video! (30 days before ...