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About War Editor

I've been writing about national security and defense issues for most of the last decade. That's taken a few turns, and I've had the chance to write for Vice News, The Guardian, and The Globe and Mail. So that's been cool. 

If you're curious about any of that, check me out on Contently.

I still do some blogging via Medium, and some of you may remember me as El Snarkistani from the "Sunny In Kabul" blog. That still exists there at Medium, and who knows, it'll probably veer back into Wordpress again someday. 

The main thing lately has been a newsletter called "5 NatSec Things" that I put out every weekday. It's my commentary on the top five national security stories of the day. And by "top five," I mean the five stories that caught my eye and I figured I wouldn't look like too much of an idiot writing about. 

I'm a sensitive soul, after all. 

That's now morphed into a website by the same name, so if you're a fan of the newsletter, come check out 5 NatSec Things. For now that's just a blog, so we'll see what comes next. 

I have a day job, and the plan is for this writing/creative thing to be that job someday. Which starts here, with people like you, the fans. If you're reading this, you're one of those. 

No matter whether you become a patron or not, thanks for reading. 

This is new to me, so not sure what "patron only" content will exist here, so even if you opt not to support me via Patreon, you can still catch my shenanigans for free: 

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When I reach 1,000 patrons, I'll start a podcast, and expand the newsletter to a website with things like video. Which, I understand is a real thing. Think same shenanigans, more words, and voices other than my own.
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