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Every dollar helps keep the Workshop running!  Feel proud that you are part of the "Warmaster's Workshop" initiative to give you and others the knowledge necessary for creating your own set of Mandalorian armor. 
  • Access to the Warmaster's Workshop Patreon feed.
  • A big THANK YOU for supporting. 
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Workshop Patron

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If you've come this far, you're committed! Because you're support is important, I'm dipping into my personal library of custom armor patterns so you can produce you're own unique piece of armor that has only ever been produced in the Warmaster's Workshop.

Supporters at this tear also receive access to the Warmaster's Workshop live chat, where we can talk about your costume

  • All Previous Rewards
  • Custom armor pattern download from Mandalore's private library.
  • Discord access to "Patron" channel
Includes Discord benefits

Workshop Neophyte

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Wow, now I'm truly impressed at your commitment!

Celebrate your commitment to the workshop with a 4" x 4" exclusive Warmaster's Workshop vinyl sticker.  Available only at this tier!

  • All Previous Rewards 
  • 8" x 11.5" Digital Prints
  • Tier-exclusive merchandise
Includes Discord benefits
Exclusive Sticker
Fulfilled by Patreon
4" x 4" Warmaster's Workshop square vinyl sticker.

Workshop Apprentice (PATCH TIER!)

per month
You're on your way to becoming a master of Mandalorian armorcraft!

To highlight your apprenticeship, you'll also receive a special 3" x 3" Warmaster's Workshop logo patch that will make you the envy of your friends.

As an added bonus, supporters at this tier also receive a special limited 8" x 11" print by artist Brian McCulloch. Prints will be autographed by the artist and myself, with a different print available every 4 months. 
International Patrons: You will receive your rewards once every 3 months as a large package.  This helps keep shipping costs down for both you and me. 
  • All Previous Rewards
  • 3" x 3" Warmaster's Workshop patch
  • Autographed 8" x 11" inch print
  • Tier-exclusive merchandise
Includes Discord benefits

Workshop Master (CHALLENGE COIN TIER!)

Limited (8 of 10 remaining)

per month
Who doesn't love a good challenge coin?
As a special thank-you for supporting Warmaster's Workshop at such an awesome level, supporters at this tier receive the "Warmaster's Workshop" 2-inch challenge coin, featuring the Warmaster's Workshop logo on one side and the helmet of Mandalore the Uniter on the other side.

Patrons at this tier will also have access to a special monthly supplemental 301 live-stream to discuss and answer questions about that month's 301 Master Class episode. 

  • All Previous Rewards
  • 2-inch "Warmaster's Workshop" Challenge Coin
  • Access to monthly supplemental 301 Master Class live-stream.
International Patrons:  You will receive your rewards once every 3 months as a large package.  This helps keep shipping costs down for both you and me. 
Includes Discord benefits
Exclusive Mug
Fulfilled by Patreon
Warmaster's Workshop branded mug

Workshop Guardian (TEE-SHIRT TIER)

Limited (10 of 10 remaining)

per month

The workshop's very own tee-shirt is available at this tier, with the Warmaster's Workshop logo over the front left chest, and the workshop's motto: "Armor Up the Planet!" across the back. 

As an added bonus, supporters at this tier also receive a special limited 13" x 19" print by artist Brian McCulloch.

International Patrons:  You will receive your rewards once every 3 months as a large package.  This helps keep shipping costs down for both you and me.  

  • All previous rewards
  • Warmaster's Workshop Tee-shirt
  • 13" x 19" print
Includes Discord benefits
Exclusive T-shirt
Fulfilled by Patreon
Warmaster's Workshop logoed t-shirt.

One Piece At A Time! (Sustaining Tier)

Limited (2 of 4 remaining)

per month
This reward tier is fairly simple: Help sustain the Workshop's mission for 6 months, get a starter set of light armor as the reward.  

(Starter sets consists of: Chest, Abdomen, Collar, Shoulders,  Cod/Groin, Knees, and Boot armor.)

Be it a set of male, or female armor, this gives you the opportunity to own an awesome kit while also helping educate others on how it's produced.  Production images and updates will be posted on Social Media, and potentially used in Warmaster's Workshop episodes & live-streams.

(Measurements and torso cast must be supplied and shipped at your cost.)

  • Warmaster's Workshop branded hoodie
  • All previous non-tier exclusive rewards up to $50 pledge tier
  • Starter set of steel Mandalorian armor.
Includes Discord benefits
Exclusive Hoodie
Fulfilled by Patreon
Warmaster's Workshop logoed hoodie




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About Warmaster's Workshop

What is Warmaster's Workshop?
Warmaster's Workshop is an educational initiative that was started back in 2015.  Since then I've been creating online tutorials to help Mandalorian fans create their own Mandalorian armor costumes.  Outside the workshop, my name is Tom Hutchens.  Though most people know me by the name "Mandalore the Uniter", Founder & CEO of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC).

You could say I'm sort of a "Star Wars fan"
In 2006 I had a dream of bringing together Star Wars fans who loved the Mandalorian characters/culture, and helping them learn how to build their very own Mandalorian costumes. Over the past decade, that dream has turned into one of the world's largest Star Wars-based nonprofit fan organizations. 
My own costume and prop creations have been featured in articles, television shows, and websites around the world.  I've been fortunate enough to travel across the USA and abroad to meet Star Wars fan, teach them how to build their very own Mandalorian costumes, and talk about all things "Mandalorian".    

So what's this thing all about?
First and foremost, this Patreon page isn't about my own personal monetary gain.  I'd be in the movie industry if I wanted to make money off building costumes and props.  This Patreon initiative is about you, and educating you on how to creating your very own Mandalorian armor costume and props. I've spent the past decade building Mandalorian armor costumes and Star Wars props, and have a wealth of knowledge to educate those with a desire to learn.  The skills taught through Warmaster's Workshop can be used for virtually any costume.  Some skills such as electronics, micro-control programming, and welding can even be used to enhance your personal career path.

Are you doing this to pay for your own costume?
Absolutely not!  My personal sets of armor are built and paid for by me, and always have been.  On occasion I may post a picture or "behind the scenes" video of a personal item I'm working on, but the vast majority of what's posted here will always be about teaching you, the patron.

Money contributed by patrons will go to the following:
  1. Purchasing tools, materials, work-space upkeep, and production equipment upgrades.
  2. Purchasing physical rewards for various levels of patronage.
  3. Producing Warmaster's Workshop content.
  4. Supporting Warmaster's Workshop's educational mission.
As a major fan of disclosure and oversight, I'll be doing a live-stream each month to let patrons know exactly where contributions are going.

Thanks for being part of the Workshop, now lets go armor up the planet! :)

$101.18 of $250 per month
You're covering the cost of ALL building materials necessary to produce episodes of Warmaster's Workshop at this point.

Thanks for your continued support. 
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