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You now have access to my Patreon page, and can see the "Warren's Dreamers" secret Facebook page, the "Patrons only, fools!" secret Pinterest page, and the "Scene Spy" art news and events list, posted on here!  Let me know if you have an event you want on the Scene Spy!

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Exclusive access to secret practice videos, making-of videos, rough cuts and blooper reels ONLY available to patrons! I am shy about these, but what the hey.  SEE ALL THE LITTLE WEIRD THINGS. At the $3 level, you get to see all the Vermin Supreme videos and Captain Titus videos when they're about halfway done, and I'm looking for feedback from friends on them. There are also videos that get shot and then linger for months while I do the CGI on them. And some which end up on the cutting room floor.  And this level, you can SEE EM ALL!

At least 40 secret videos, with Stabatha La Thrills, Jaime Devine, Farasha, Steven Lawlor-Jones, Vermin Supreme, Rod Webber, Hope Zimmerman, Katie Coriander, Sarah Josselyn, some CGI and even some acting by *me* are now up! Sign up for this level and you can check it out!

Plus you get to see the Scene Spy too!

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-A character based on you in the video game "Waste Wars"!
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-Your name listed under "Mentors and Patrons" on the Witchworks website!
-Invitations to test audience screenings of some videos before they come out!
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About Warren Lynch

I'm currently making a series of voting guides called "A BernieCrat voter's guide to taking over your state down-ticket". So far I've made guides for 3 states (Michigan, Missouri and Washington), and I'm doing Kansas next. I intend to do one for each of the states which have a State Primary coming up. And then maybe do some for the general.

There will be many more political guides in the future, such as "Corruption Watch" and with your help, I can crank them out faster! You are awesome! 

I've recently finished making a series of satirical campaign commercials called "The Overlord Project" . Why settle for a president when you could vote for Overlord of Earth? Who do you think would be the best candidate for total global domination? Will it be Vermin Supreme ? His opponent, Captain Titus? Or third party joint candidate Sophia and Michael? Vote today! Casting is done, and we are making costumes, building sets and shooting scenes!
If you want to help us make costumes, and hang out with cool indie movie people and famous planetary politicians, go here:
If you missed the boat on auditions, but you still want to act in crowd scenes, go here:
If you have a screenplay
you want to talk to me or us about, go here:

I've recently finished making a micro-budget horror comedy TV pilot for a series called "That Thing".
It's inspired by the cassette-tape rantings of Arkansas' Saint Janor Hypercleats, as well as the influences of Stanislaw Szukalski, Russell Hoban, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, H P Lovecraft, Carlos Castaneda, Buster Keaton, and some weird stuff in the Book of Genesis. It's a story about the Face behind everything, the Things we can't see without first believing in them, the horror of Things Without Faces, the doom of ultimate consciousness, and the infinity of ridiculousness and fear.

I'm also helping out with producing for "Strange Harvest", a science fiction horror short written and directed by Stee McMorris. You can find out more about the project and help her out here!

You can see a lot of my past video work here and here, on the Witchworks Films website!

There will be videos and more videos here every month! Go here, and you can see dorky cellphone videos and stuff for free! Supporters of $3 or more also get to see rough cuts of "The Overlord Project" videos in progress and other MESSY UNFINISHED SCENES, and voice their feedback about what's good, what's just too campy, what makes no sense, and what THEY saw out by the acid pond that fateful day...
Right now supporters can see all 7 of the scenes we shot for That Thing so far, and more! Check it out!

Some of you may have heard of the "Scene Spy" aka the Party Spy! Facebook and Google are fighting our new algorithm, but if luck is with us, we are getting close to AUTOMATING it! Stay tuned!

I encourage you to try being my Patreon supporter (you can start at $1!), if you wonder about things without faces or things that DO have faces! Or if you need space guidance from your new Overlord!
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At this level, you've given me the ability to BUY MEDIUM SIZED THINGS! Such as...

Get a Black Magic Camera with lenses and rigs!
Get Sandri to do more of her awesome designs!

At this level Witchworks Films is still poor. But we can do little things. Suddenly the secret videos start to have costumes and effects. At this level we can probably do an Errors scene every few months, music videos all the time, Vermin Supreme videos whenever we want, and MANY MANY VIDEOS!

If we reach this milestone omg I will...
-Be able to make the really cool storyboarded videos more often!
-Make a thank you video in which you are thanked by burlesque dancers, old people, babies, dogs, cats, monsters, aliens and explosions!
-Have a "dictator-fitting" where any patron who wants gets decked out as either a dictator or a monster, and we take pictures!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 61 exclusive posts

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