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About Warriors

Watch this video explanation:

Long time you don't see a good anime? With script and quality animation. I feel it. One Punch Man (Season One Only) and Castlevania are the last two animated series that I really enjoyed. I want to give the world this pleasure. To be able to watch a true work of art. Made without worry of just generating profit. Something just for doing. I want gives the world a series that will be remembered forever. As it is for me Saint Seya and X-men (the classic).

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, Saint Seya, X-men and Dungeons and Dragons, then it is for you that I am doing this project. Imagine taking that unpredictability and seriousness of the Game of Thrones script. With adult content and well designed. And mix it with what we love to see from pop culture. Which are great fights of powerful characters. Adventure, action, romance. Everything a good story needs to have.

The world will be a medieval era. But it will be on another planet. A world where there will be dragons, lizard men, Orks, Trolls and several other fantastic creatures. And in the midst of all this will be these characters. All fighting for one goal. In a kind of competition. Where those who win will have a desire fulfilled and those who lose will be condemned to lose what they love most in life. A game of life and death. Will be teams made up of three members. Each coming from a different world and time and with different skills and personalities. there will be villains, heroes, beautiful women, terrible monsters, all the good you can imagine.

You who watched Peleja no Sertão (Tussle in the Backwoods) must have noticed that there is something different about this movie. It is not an ordinary Brazilian animated movie. So I worked hard to make it look its best. Even with the very low budget I received. I paid from my own pocket, my only concern was to create a true work of art. Same way I want to do with this new project. But now with enough resources. And if you are a fan of Peleja no Sertão (Tussle in the Backwoods) and want to see more productions like this. You have to help by donating something to this new project. So you already help this new production come true.

This production will be the first episode of the animated series titled WARRIORS. I intend to make an episode of about 7 minutes if only the initial goal of 45 thousand reais is reached. But if all goes well and we can go beyond that goal I can make an episode with more time and more quality animation. After launching on YouTube. And the show is a hit, I keep increasing the episode time to the standard 20 minutes.

During these three months of revenue I will be posting on the Warriors page, constant updates of the series. Character studies. Animation Tests. Paintings and any news relate to the series. So don't forget to like the Warriors Facebook page:
Follow us on Instagram:
And in the other social networks:

If you have not watched Peleja no Sertão (Tussle in the Backwoods) yet. This is your chance to know our work. Peleja no Sertão was a short film that we finished in 2016 and participated in over 40 film festivals in Brazil and around the world. It won several awards and was even nominated for the best short film animation at the Brazilian Academy of Cinema. Watch it and you will know that you are supporting a team of competent professionals. Here is the YouTube link with Peleja no Sertão (Tussle in the Backwoods) for you to watch:
Be sure to watch and leave your comment and give that like. Don't miss the oportunity and go there and like the Peleja Facebook page too:

And although Warriors is in another universe, Peleja's main character will be in it. So Peleja no Sertão will work as an episode of the series. Like a flashback episode telling the story of this character.

There will only be 3 rewards in this project. My goal is not to sell books or shirts. But sell the series itself to you. Then your real reward will be to be able to watch a true work of art. Made with all the care and love that art deserves. But in order to stimulate donations and give something more palpable in return I created these rewards. Donating U$ 60.00 you get a book with the production studies of the series. Donating U$120.00  you get a T-shirt with a beautiful illustration of the series. And by donating U$300.00 or more you can appear in the series as an extra. We will draw you or someone of your choice in an episode.

So, help us. We relly need you to make this come true.

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