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About Warriors Huddle

The Warriors Huddle is the longest running Warriors podcast. Hosted by Bram and Scotty, the Huddle is a show for Warriors fans by Warriors fans that brings you insider's knowledge on the best team in sports.


Way back in 2012, we began the Huddle as a personal passion project - recording in Bram's living room. We wanted to hear Warriors talk as expressed by true fans, not just talking heads dissecting X's and O's. By combining our perspective as fans with the insider's knowledge from our guests, the Huddle has become the destination for getting unique and enjoyable Warriors contentPast guests have included Tim Hardaway, Zaza Pachulia, Jim Barnett, Mitch Richmond, Festus Ezeli, Tim Roye, Bob Myers, Kirk Lacob, Curry's college and high school coaches, Taras Brown (KD's Godfather & Mentor), The Ringer's Shea Serrano, Monte Poole, Ros Gold-Onwude, Connor Letourneau, Mark Medina, Bonta Hill, Marcus Thompson and many more.


Even as independents, we've always felt weird asking anything from you. You already give us some of your time every week, and that’s valuable enough. We do the show because we love doing it, and we appreciate all those who have become part of the Huddle community.

The Huddle has and always will be FREE. Since day one, it has just been the two of us behind the Huddle. A truly independent operation. The show's content, the booking of guests, the recording, editing, mixing and publishing -- we do all of that. We spend an estimated 15+ hours on each episode you hear. We also have full-time jobs and young kids. 

What better way to support the independent content you love then by voluntarily donating an amount that fits your budget? We believe in supporting peoples' independent passions, and Patreon provides a direct means to do so and connects you with the creators you love.

So if you just want to support us and the content we bring you each week, we suggest donating at the $4/month tier. If you want a bit more Huddle in your life, donate at the $7/month level and you'll exclusive content that we will be creating solely for subscribers. If you want a lot more Huddle in your life, donate at $15/month and get even more exclusive content just for you.


We want to see the Huddle reach its full potential. Right now, we're somewhat limited as we pay out of pocket for everything. Your support will help us in the following ways:

* Improving production (including getting better recording equipment)
* Keep the show ad free (if we can get enough supporters then we won't need ads)
* Raise the profile of the show (allowing us to get even better guests) by actually having a marketing budget
* Be able to hire producer (Scotty has another kid on the way so we may need a producer who can pinch-hit on occasion)
* Cover travel costs (we'd like to do more recording in person with our guests and be able to travel to them)
* New theme music (yep, time to revamp that intro. Licensing music isn't cheap)
* Merchandise (we want to commission unique Warriors merch that has a Huddle flavor by need a designer for that)

As we said, the Huddle will always be free, but we can make this show even better than it is. We'd love for you to be a part of that ascension.

We really appreciate all the support and go Dubs,

Bram and Scotty

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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