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  • WEEKLY Live Streams just for patrons. Mostly mapping!
  • Quarterly Encounter Map. This is an RPG encounter map hand-drawn by Nate, as well as access to all previous encounter maps.
  • Access to the WASD20 Patron Facebook group
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  • Vote for Quarterly Encounter Maps - make your voice heard!
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  • Prizes! - You'll be entered in occasional patron-exclusive giveaways (free shipping within U.S.) to win RPG books, dice, finely handcrafted goods, and more.

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  • All previous rewards.
  • A Sellsword Maps bookmark - A small custom map drawn by Nate that will be perfect for your fantasy novels or RPG books
  • A handwritten thank you note from Nate mailed to you
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About WASD20

Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page!
What I do.
My name is Nate, and I make YouTube videos about tabletop role-playing games (such as Dungeons & Dragons) and Fantasy Maps. Whether it's providing help drawing a map of your world, building a character, providing DM tips, or giving my impressions of a new RPG book or toolset, I absolutely love making videos that help people enjoy gaming.
How you can help.
My work in the RPG world is a side gig that I love, but it's really hard to maintain with a family and a full-time teaching job. If I can reach enough support through Patreon I'd be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to make WASD20 a day job so the late nights and time away from my family can be a thing of the past.
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More Maps. The Quarterly Encounter Map becomes a MONTHLY Encounter Map!
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