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Light is the fastest way to transport Information.

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About WERT k o l l e k t i v

What is WERT?
We are living through exceptional times. But their true exceptionality perhaps lies rather in the definition of time itself. "What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know," wrote the philosopher Augustine, 1600 years ago.
Travellers embarking on a search for "TIME" are in for a long and contradictory odyssey. Where does the search begin? How can you define something that never stands still, that appears so abstract and illusionary?

Perhaps it might be helpful to consider the matter from an abstract perspective: to define time itself as perspective, the intrinsic point of view. It is both our common denominator and unique subjective interpretation. It is our most important asset. In reflecting on the stretching of time, we recognise facts, contexts and ourselves. But how can this interdependence, this journey of thought, be made tangible and perceptible?
The significance of reflecting on the “WERT’ of TIME is that we seek quantifiable values in a counterweight. So in our search for both a material and its abstract equivalent, we find TIME our most valuable currency.
This statement speaks for itself and is subject to interpretation by its audience. The "valuable" denotes a sum of attributes, "importance" their ranking. Based on this, we can assume that INFORMATION represents the most important “WERT” and thus determines both the nature and reception of an artistic work aiming to penetrate the outside world. So, drawing on the work of French contemporary philosopher Paul Ricœur, let us imagine for a moment that there is no future and no past: only a present future, a present past and, indeed, a present present. Does this then alter a work’s perception? Emanating from the core of this
philosophy is a feeling that calls into question the dimensions of perspective. Through light and projection,
"WERT k o l l e k t i v" sets out to make this philosophy and sensation visible. After all, light always has been the quickest way of conveying information.

/ WERT k o l l e k t i v / consists of visual artist/installer Marc Frey, multimedia visual artist Benjamin Weber, and Maxim Kraszavin as digital visual artist and coordinator. Our shared passion for light and projections led us to turn our visions into a reality, and for the last three years we have specialized in realizing unique
lighting concepts for rooms.

We’re interested in playing with the notions of projection, light and value, and of "allowing rooms, objects and subjects to shine in a new "light", "projecting new value"; and recrystallizing through light what we consider "valuable". Our events have a particular emphasis on the alternative use of space, while our work is characterised by a desire to reframe familiar walls to lead the audience to new perspectives on familiar
contexts, directed by light.

Value is everywhere. Therefore, the k o l l e k t i v is not only confined to physical spaces. The individual members are all independently active in their own creative spheres when not working together. In their work, Benjamin, Marc and Maxim give their ideas "value"; and create at every opportunity. In this way, they produce trailers for concert and theatre productions and handmade custom design projects for festivals, exhibitions, events and interactive happenings.


Previous projects: ZXRXFEST 2018/2019 (large outdoor projection, light concept concerts); MONIS RACHE
2018 (light installations); TRIP (I-IV) 2018-2019; NOISEFEST LEIPZIG 2018/2019; INDIVIDUAL CONCERT
GALLERIE KURZWEIL (DARMSTADT); SYNCHRONISATION (interactive audiovisual happening);

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