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About Wataponno

Fun games: in every way! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Programming, creating, worlds appearing before our own hands. These are our passion. We create fun, original, complete and complex games with unique ideas. And while we're at it, why not add some good ol' hentai in there amiright?
Keyboard in hand, we launch this patreon to give you the most of what gaming can do for adults: real, full, exciting games.
By joining us, you'll have access to work in progress, upcoming mobs and animations, and have your word for what's coming up next, or what needs to change!

What will your money contribute to?
I, the person writing this, the instigator of the project, love to code. However, I'm not good at all at drawing stuff. But I know that some people are, like TheTz for example. That's where you come in. I personally don't care much about money, as I am comfortable enough in life, so I won't take anything from this patreon. That's why all the money gathered from patreon will serve exclusively to add more assets to the games in development by hiring talented artists. Every dollar counts! So by donating to this patreon, you'll gain the benefits of your patron tier AND will help some artists to make a living out of their art.

Welcome aboard!


Current projects:
Monster Musume Dungeons
In progress
Artist: TheTz
CG artist: Owdenizen

In MMD, you are an aspiring mage, discovering new realms and dungeons through a magical portal. You accidentally stumble upon a spell that can direct the portal to a realm filled with sexy creatures wanting a bit of fun before they kick your ass back out!
Current public build: 0.4.2

Patreon downloadable build: 0.4.4
(Why is your hyperlink options not showing up patreon!?)

Contact: [email protected]
$421 of $600 per month
We'll add special SFX to the ingame scenes!
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