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About Cut

We created this Patreon as a love letter to our notification squad, our top commenters, our binge watchers, and the fans who can’t get enough of the videos we post.

We wanted to give you all even more content: insight into our creative process, behind-the-scenes access, Q&As with our producers and favorite regulars, and the ability to help us choose what to make next.

Your support here also funds new pilots, series, and experiments – bringing more chaos, cringe, and good times into the world for all.
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Get access to our private Patreon feed, including:

  • 👕 Exclusive blog posts and articles, including first dibs on our newest products.
  • 🎬 Live behind-the-scenes and AMA videos with your Cut faves. Only patrons will be able to submit questions and view past streams.
  • ✂️ Videos that didn’t make the cut. Videos that we pulled down. Videos we still argue about. Every week, we’ll post something new that takes you behind the curtain – along with commentary from the people who worked on them.
  • 🚨 Every month, we create at least one new show. Those pilot episodes will premiere here first, before going live on our main channels.
Cut Sweethearts
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At this tier, you’ll get everything above, plus: 

  • 🗳️ You’ll ALSO get access to our “Suggestion Box” to help us choose what videos to make next...
  • 🎙️ AND access to our monthly ”Pitch Session” stream where we evaluate your suggestions and get your feedback on show ideas. We’ll give you a shoutout on the stream if we mention one of your suggestions.
Super CUTies
per month

This tier makes you a key supporter of our most experimental new shows. At this level, not only will you get everything listed in the tiers above, we’ll ALSO:

  • 📋 Ask you to help us choose which pilot gets made next. We’ll post a survey of loglines and descriptions, and ask you which new idea excites you most. (Some of these ideas may be coming from you!)
  • 📛 Recognize your contribution by adding your Patreon handle in the description of any new pilots made during the months you contribute. 
  • 📢 AND give you a verbal shoutout in at least one pilot. Imagine Blaine, Dae, Koji, Marina, or Chan thanking you personally for your contribution. Now stop imagining, because it’ll happen.
74 of 1000 patrons

When we reach 1,000 patrons, we’ll produce a long-awaited new episode of our highly-requested, much-missed series 100 Years of Beauty! And we’ll include the Patreon names/handles of the first 1000 patrons in the credits of the video.
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