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About Peter Paul Maurer

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page!

If you came to this page without knowing my webpage (, then I would ask you to have a look at my webpage first. You will find a lot of information about my writing there, in which way my writing has developed. But first, some words about me.

I am Peter (Paul Maurer) and I live in Germany, in Bad Friedrichshall, a town not far from Stuttgart. I have started to write in February 2015, in a very special night - my writing can be read for free at my webpage. If you are interested in to come in contact with my writing, then I would recommend you the following writing in the given order:

"Drowning Oneself" - "My Dark Heart - Itinerary"; 8. chap.; from p.52 on
"The Old Man and The Ocean" - "My Dark Heart - Itinerary"; 6. chap.; from p.39 on
"Ballad of the Old Man " - "My Dark Heart - Itinerary"; 2. chap.; p.29-48 in 10 parts
"Stolen Songs - Part 2" - "My Dark Heart - Itinerary"; 6. chap.; from p.45 on

The L.A. noir / hard-boiled stories:
The Day, When Nobody Died/Hard-Boiled series - six stories
Brave New Life/New Hard-Boiled - five stories

Current writing: (not finished so far)
"Beg Your Pardon! I Would Do It Better - Mr President!" - New Year´s Day
"The Happy Clown" – New Year´s Day
(It is not necessary to read all hard-boiled stories and the current writing completely. To get to know me, it is enough to skim the texts.)

"RaDaDa, DaDa - Ra" - The Day, When Nobody Died/Black Swans

You are interested in, to become my Patron? Click on the button and give me any amount of money you want to give me. I have decided, not to have different tiers with different rewards. All my Patrons will have the same rights. Access to my Patreon page of course. I would like it, to get in direct contact with you. If wished I could sign pages for you or so, of course in a manageable amount. But most of all, as a skilled cook, I would like it, to cook for you. Of course this has its limits. For example, it would be very easy to cook for Patrons in Stuttgart, but very difficult in Tokyo - but I would do my best to spend an evening with you, my Patrons. I guess that my Patrons would be relaxed, therefore it should be possible to talk about this, to find arrangements.

My dream would be, to have the possibility to write all the day - of course, I have a full time job as cook. I am not young anymore, I sometimes write about it, therefore many possibilities to enable me to concentrate more on writing are thinkable, according to the amount of money I could achieve. Also working part-time would be a possibility for instance, to have at least more time for writing as I have it now.

I write (nearly) every day, (nearly) every day I upload new writing on my webpage. It is a fast and raw kind of writing - English is not my mother tongue. But I love it very much to write in this way! All my writing is connected to today´s world and the reality, mostly connected with the United States. Maybe this is surprising in a way, for an author who lives in Germany? Maybe I can say it in this way: It is this kind of love-hate, crazy love, amour fou, that I have with this lady, called America.

So, it would be nice for me, to welcome you as my Patron. But I would like it also, if you would decide "only" to become a reader of my writing, that you can read for free on my webpage. Whatever your decision will be, it would be nice to hear from you one day. Till then



$0 of $750 per month
When I reach this amount (gross), I can think about longer stays in the USA and to visit other states and cities, as well about more travelling in general.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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