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About Cameron Moniz- Waterfall Hunter

I spend my free time exploring and trekking through the jungle. I'm currently in Da Nang, Vietnam and in my adventures I have found over 26 waterfalls in the area. Some only locals know about, but a few of them are even unknown by the communities nearby. All of the waterfalls I've found here are within driving distance of Da Nang and doable in a day trip.

Environmental protection is of utmost importance to me and I do everything I can to protect these locations. We organize local clean-ups in other more popular areas and try to bring some level of environmental awareness to the locals. I also wish to demonstrate the value of keeping natural places naturally beautiful. All too often large companies come in and build up restaurants, cable cars, amusement parks, etc. This construction often demolish the natural areas, something I wish to make locals aware of so they can help prevent these destructive projects.

If you'd like to support my adventures or my environmental efforts I would be forever grateful. More support means more habitats saved, more time to explore, take pictures, make videos, spread awareness, and share my experiences with the world. I care a great deal about these environments and conserving their natural beauty. Your support shows that you do too!

Thanks! and I hope you enjoy!
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