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Hey Documentary Film Fans. Be Reel Pictures and Parthena Productions partnered to bring you Desplazado about gentrification in the Martinez Park and Tres Colonias neighborhoods of Fort Collins, Colorado. We specialize in focusing our lens on the issues that affect people, telling stories from the perspective of the people, backing those stories up with expert research, and bringing balance. Whether we are exploring the lives of those who live on the street or looking into water law, you can count on our documentaries to inform as well as entertain with personal stories, music, and art. Watering the West is what's up now: Selling water rights is the retirement plan of many a Colorado farmer. The water is worth more than the land. Thirsty growing municipalities along Colorado's Front Range need water and historically they have bought farms with water rights and taken those rights to court to get the use changed from agricultural to municipal. Did you know there is a water court and that Colorado has more water lawyers than any other state in the U.S.? Can precipitation be owned? And who owns Colorado's precipitation? The only designated Wild and Scenic River in Colorado is the Cache la Poudre River. It is on this relatively short river in Northern Colorado that the water laws that govern the Western United States were laid down. Please support us to tell this important story of water in the west through the story of the Cache la Poudre River. You will get monthly private links to raw footage and educational content. You will learn what we learn as we learn it. With us every step of the way, you will be paying for great cinematography and sound as well as excellent writers and producers, and a director with three well-received documentaries to her credit. And YOU, and only you, will be invited to a private showing of this film where you will see firsthand how we chose to take all of this content (that you've been viewing monthly) and turn it into a fun and educational romp down a river and its ditches and canals that make Northern Colorado the habitable place we love to call home.
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Four days of production on the Poudre River, including riding with a ditch rider as he opens gates to release water to flow from the river to the water users on his ditch. "I set that gate and lock it so they don't get any more than the 40 inches of water that this farm has comin'," Ed Wendell, Pleasant Valley Lake and Canal; interview with Rose, 82 years old, and a land owner on the river. Three ditches originate from the river on Rose's property, but she can't use the water; interview John Stokes about preservation of the river and the threat of further diversion and reservoir building that is being lobbied for by Northern Water Conservancy District and its Eastern Plains shareholders, many of whom are out of the watershed; a visit to the confluence, where the Poudre meets the South Platte on the land of a Greeley farmer--the center of an interstate compact that dictates how much water must be allowed to flow into Nebraska. Brian Werner of Northern Water Conservancy District says, "We just need more buckets." (reservoirs) so that the water won't be "wasted" flowing over the state line. And in these four days of production we will begin to investigate how the city of Thornton, near Denver, Colorado, became the largest single landowner in Northern Colorado and in the process made the first recorded "water broker" a millionaire. Help us tell this important story!
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