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About Waveskania

The Waveskania project was created in the summer of 2019 by a Ukrainian musician and sound producer Katerina Yan, who works at the junction of several genres that include intelligent techno, underground electro, lofi trip-hop, ambient and drone.

Prior to the creation of this project, the author for 10 years engaged in the study of various musical genres and trends in art, as a result of which experience was gained in live concerts, performances, collaborations with various art artists, recording soundtracks for films and releasing her own audio content under a different project on independent international labels.

Artistically speaking, Waveskania is the author’s desire to achieve a stable concentration for transforming her own mind-forms into sound waves by scanning, sampling and spectral analysis of environmental sounds, acoustic and electronic instruments, radio noises and various software in most cases to convey the listener of a states in which brain waves form generate increased amplitude and have a lower frequency, which helps to achieve a sense of meditativeness and self-awareness, for this use of various technological and psycho-mental methods.

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