is creating Art videos tutorials and VR game dev in Unity.
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I Salute You
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Thank you for your patronage, it means a lot to me.

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You are the best, thanks a bunch.

A shout out in my next video and my ongoing gratitude.

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Thanks, you know really, thanks.

People like you who freely give to help others reminds me what a beautiful species we can be.

I don't have much to give back, but I can give a shout out on my videos  and a Select Discord role. 

If you want you can see your name on the first three videos I make after you becoming a Patron.




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About wavyeye

Hi, thanks for the visit.

By becoming a Patron you will be helping me with the constant juggling game of finding a balance between creativity and everything else that needs attention in life.

I know how hard it it to be creative, and even more so when you have a load of techniques and methods to learn before you can even start to create your art.
Which is what inspired me to create my YouTube channel, I believe if you have a great solution or method that you think could help another, then it really should be shared.
For my main project I'm making a game in Virtual Reality using mostly visual scripting in Unity.
My aim is make video tutorials and speed run talk overs that in some way educates or inspires others along the theme of working as an artist / game developer with VR using Unity, Substance Painter, 3D Coat, Blender, Affinity Designer...

As my project develops and I solve a hurdle that I think is share worthy or just plain cool I will post a video on YouTube.
The videos take time to make, time I usally should be directing elswhere, so here I am at Patreon, asking for your kind help too.

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When I reach the goal ammount I will post a weekly video.
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