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We tie lots of bowlines on the boat and appreciate its strength and dependability. You're popular and indispensable for a reason! 

We're super grateful and humbled that you're down to join us. The beginning of any transformative journey usually involves the pivotal actions of kind-hearted folks like you. 

Thanks for becoming a Wayfinders Now patron and for the nudge to pursue our goals of creating great videos and preparing Hope for sailing adventures! 

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Truckers Hitch ($5 per month)

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Always there in a pinch, whether we need to lash a large item to the deck or just need to tie our portable solar light to a winch, the trucker's hitch is powerful and because of it, a line can be pulled very tight. 

Because of Wayfinders Now patrons like you, we're able to create stories more regularly and improve the video quality as we prepare Hope for sailing adventures. 

We're super grateful for the encouragement and support. 🙌🏾

Truckers hitch benefits: 

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  • a personalized Wayfinders Now note from us on a postcard featuring one of Michael's photographs or drawing

Bachmann Hitch ($10 per month)

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The Bachmann Hitch is a friction hitch. It is useful when the friction hitch needs to be reset quickly/often or made to be self-tending as in crevasse and self-rescue. 

And let's face it—who couldn't use some self-rescue from time to time? 

Holy sh*t, you're truly helping us climb to new heights! 


And your support truly makes it possible for us to focus more concentrated time on creating great videos and posts, along with the chance to continually improve the content quality and our video-making chops. 

Plus, we can save up for needed equipment for Hope!

Bachmann Hitch benefits:


  • Access to our patron feed
  • Invites to patron events (video chats, meetups)
  • Special shout out in a future video
  • a personalized Wayfinders Now note from us on a postcard featuring one of Michael's photographs or drawing
  • handmade Wayfinders Now item (i.e. tote bag, broadside, etc.)
  • Invite for a one-on-one video chat 
  • and funny asides to keep you smiling

*We're also brainstorming other fun ways to thank patrons, so we're always open to creative ideas!

Not sure how we can express this adequately, but to all Wayfinders Now Patrons, thank you for believing in us and coming along for this wayfinding ride. 😎💜⛵️


Esther and Michael and Hope Crew 🐱🐶




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About WayfindersNow.com

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Patreon page and considering becoming a patron of our documentary projects!


Do you imagine creating a different kind of life?

Are you looking for inspiration about how to unbusy yourself, ways to live more sustainably (on and off the water), and making more space for joy and abundance in all of their wonky forms?

Like us, do you dream of traveling by sailboat and experiencing wonder about the world and its many inhabitants? And doing this on a budget with self-reliance and a sense of humor?

Welcome to Wayfinders Now where we'll bring you some overdue laughter, as well as insights about how each of us can shape our own wayfinding story!


We're a couple of Gen-X art kids with backgrounds in photography and writing. We love a good bowl of pho, bourbon, comedians (like Tig Notaro, Eddie Izzard, Maria Bamford...), and corny puns.

We began brainstorming about how to travel in a more sustained way, making more space for art, and living on a sailboat. We weren't sure how any of it would take place exactly, but over time, we shifted careers, sold our home, majorly downsized our stuff, and in 2017, we moved aboard onto our 35′ sailboat, Hope, with our 🐶🐱crew.

Now we're learning how to become better sailors and recently moved to Florida to prepare for future sailing adventures.

We're especially interested in sustainable living and having more time for nature and art! And we're learning about ways to 'live small' by reducing our waste footprint on and off the boat!


Our experience is imperfect—and sometimes messy, sometimes hilarious or challenging—but it’s our own and we’d love to share with you about the joys and benefits of living small and what we’re learning as we get Hope ready for more sailing adventures!


Producing content and outfitting our boat requires time, sweat, and some necessary equipment. 

With your support, we can continue to produce better quality videos and articles, while also preparing our boat, Hope, for offshore cruising with needed equipment.

By becoming a patron, you'll enable us to keep doing what we love—producing high-quality content about wayfinding experiences for you and other kind-hearted folks, as well as preparing Hope for future sailing explorations!

To become a patron, you'll choose the amount you want to pledge and you'll automatically be charged once a month. You can set a monthly limit so you're always within your budget, plus you can cancel or edit your pledge at any time.

When you've joined Hope's crew, you'll get access to the patron feed with bonus content, invites, and more.

We hope you'll join our crew and thanks again for supporting our story! 🙏🏽

Esther & Michael (and 🐱🐶crew) 

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