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I am Wayne Herschel, author of The Hidden Records, truth seeker and human rights proponent, determined to help mitigate the current world crisis. Some will know me from my facebook activity involving the history of this lost 'Map of Heaven' that I show here defining the place of human origins.

I have found THE HIDDEN RECORDS that can save the world from a pending war and hardship that is unfolding right now. This quest has reached a point that requires urgent publishing and publicity for its survival.

I have found the source of humanity's most valuable ancient records and lost truths that have been hidden for millennia  ref .

Before I continue, I would firstly like to make a pledge that these revived truths must never ever be forced upon any soul. It is far more sacred for a truth seeker to find them spontaneously and let the magic of the content work in its own way! Throughout time, many have feared that enforced religious dogma will be part of either a New World Order or false prophet agenda. This is neither a religion, nor cult or hidden agenda. It is simply a collection of simple revived truths. Truths that will no doubt inspire anyone coming across them.

The world is in crisis and very few are aware. How many realise how close we are to nuclear midnight? ref How many have ever studied the grassroots cause for the escalating crisis? The actual cause goes right back to the beginning of civilisation. The world needs to identify the cause and unite to shut down modern-day manifestations of it.

Due to its magnitude, the important story behind this campaign has necessitated a detailed explanation. Many have already said that The Hidden Records is the most important quest to uplift humanity that anyone will ever witness.


My claim that the 7 TRUTHS can change our future and save humanity from manipulation, war and enslavement. I will clarify my claim as precise as possible. But first, let me explain how this ‘con of man’ began.

What is the ‘con of man’? It began right from the beginning. Sovereign monarchy families of founding civilizations learned very quickly that their wealth and power could only grow if they could order their people to unleash the most evil thing imaginable. To have their people commit the most barbaric inhumane actions against foreign people and foreign lands possible. The objective being, for the ruling sovereign monarchy families to profiteer in the most opulent way.

The biggest con began, when each empire needed to find a way to hide the truth that showed that all humanity had the same sacred beginnings. So, how could these ruling sovereign monarchy families, who felt that they deserved more power and wealth, get their people to obey horrific orders?

It began with the sovereign ruler of each monarchy family choosing one portion of the Map of Heaven and encoding the rest of it so IT LOOKED DIFFERENT from that of the foreign people they wanted to murder and plunder. By using a tactic where their Map of Heaven, and hence the place of their origins, looked different, this meant they could insist that God was on their side. More importantly, they could claim that only they were God’s chosen people.

And so this is how holy wars began. Kingdoms worldwide at war with one another, purely for the benefit of the greatness of the sovereign monarchy families at the helm. Sovereign monarchy rulers, whose method of convincing the ordinary people to do their dirty work for them was based on: taking advantage of one very prominent human weakness.

They ruled using fear tactics. There is a strange human weakness. The more ruthless the leader and the more of dictator such a leader is, the more the masses of people who are subordinated to such a leader will acquiesce to mind control and become his followers!

The historical ruling sovereign monarchy families altered and encoded the sacred teachings of their sacred celestial origins in ways only they themselves could decode. Only they knew the truth. Commoners were not privy to the secret symbols.

This has been at the root of war throughout history right up until the modern era.

If we go back a few centuries, the ordinary people of most civilizations began to have access to learning about other countries’ populations. They began to find out that like their own way of life, the way of life of other civilizations was essentially innocent. This made them less susceptible to the con of murdering them in war merely over a simple belief with which they had been indoctrinated by their rulers. Namely, that one nation was more holy and worthy than the other.

At this stage, the ruling sovereign monarchy was also facing a new dilemma. A phenomenon had emerged, where many of its people, who were once subservient to it, were also becoming wealthier than it. There were so many new rich people, and these rich people learned very quickly that they too had more power to manipulate society as they got richer. At first the ruling sovereign monarchy started special invitations to the rich to join their sovereign secret society meetings. It initially considered giving the rich ‘orders’ within sovereign interests. This is where the Secret Society concept of ‘order’ gained its roots. So if ever you see this rank, it is important to know what it means, because most orders are still under the control of sovereign interests.

Throughout history, society has been taught to honor its rich people as successful people of great achievement. Today it is no longer only the sovereign rulers who command the respect of the masses, but the new ‘order’ now also includes the super-rich, who have over time emerged from such masses.

Today, war and trade manipulation, have essentially become one and the same thing. Control of it is the most important tactic for the leadership of any country to be able to take advantage of another. There are of course many more complex ingredients added to the ‘con of man’.

How hard is it to get soldiers from a normal family value upbringing to go and murder other people in foreign lands? Invariably, chaos and lies are resorted to, to add into to the mix of the matrix. Discrimination, a prominent tactic used to fuel anger against the ‘enemy’.

Race… Religion… Culture… and Propaganda… Lies… Discrimination. Here is where the modern con of man reaps chaos by provoking hatred.

Now here is how the 7 TRUTHS that I bring forward can eat away at war and dissent: The 7 TRUTHS show all races to be equal and sacred, sharing the same amazing origins from the same place found in the 35 ancient star maps. There is also the truth of Creation … one shared God Creation shared by all in amazing new measurable detail using reasoning and logic. The new material is also presented in one of the revived truths of how to measure good and evil. If it were possible for all humanity to learn in some miracle overnight what I have inadvertently learned, suddenly people would have a whole new outlook on the value of all life. People will not see racial, religious and cultural differences as enough of an excuse to go out and murder people of a different race, religion or culture… even if subjected to false propaganda… EVER!

The powers-that-be will not be able to con the masses as they do right now, if this veil of truth is lifted and the masses are awakened from abusive mind- controlling tactics.

Propaganda uses discrimination tactics, turning them into the kind of lies that take stories of racial issues to a whole new level. By showing racial hatred in the movies and the news, propaganda initiated by the powers-that-be provoke even more hatred!!! We are being provoked into dissent now more than ever. Their propaganda machine having us believe in the ‘threats of terror’ and to get our soldiers to accept their engagement in war as a ‘worthy and acceptable cause’.

Be very weary of claimed ‘terror threats’ as being trusted news… don’t become a victim of the biggest ‘con of man’ ever... especially trusting the party who is provoking war and attacking foreign lands.
Please review the seven truths and consider helping me sustain my activity to keep this lost knowledge alive with establishing published works.

Here is the full story of 7 truths...
Thank you

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