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My book trading, even after discovery of something monumental like Atlantis and decoding the alien message date of First Contact at the Atlantis site has meant my discoveries have sustained the largest ever level of sabotage and invisibility interference to date. This is followed by Google search invisibility algorithms and now Facebook and Youtube are under 'stage two' invisibility to public with added suppression protocols. Why? Because my star visitor human origin discoveries that can save humanity are not in elite best interests. Only those interacting constantly with my website, youtube, amazon or facebook will see some sort of visibility.

The powers that be and Hollywood elite believe that after my work becomes hidden from view, then they can relaunch my discoveries as their own and acquire new copyright, because the ridiculous bad alien agenda interpretation twist they add to it opens a new copyright option. Here is where I need public funding to beat the interference.

I have a plan and it follows after the explanation of what is being suppressed and why. 


In all my work over the last 3 decades, for those that have followed me have seen how the lost knowledge I have revived, proves the entire human race is of angelic bloodline and far more sacred and equal than history has portrayed it. Our powers that be are not happy with this mindset at all. This truth could end all wars and create peace worldwide.

The ancient clues lead me to the first grand civilisation that was called Atlantis. The two massive fingerprints of the largest circular canals was one of my biggest pieces of proof to prove Atlantis, followed proof on how Spain and Portugal were once an island landmass. Then finding Ground zero that ended Atlantis causing what was called The Great Flood! A snowball effect of discoveries one after the other were not by chance.

It was an arrival of humanity here and while working on site, the unthinkable happened. A 3 mile-wide message to me was placed by paranormal means at the epicenter of the Atlantis original center island. It indented the earth and is still there to see today! It repeated my star map pattern and basically told me to look for it here at Atlantis. It turned out to be true.

It also gave a date of their return:

First Contact on a special day in 2027.

But all this revived hidden human origin history unveiling the basis of how humanity has been manipulated is under attack by the powers that be because they thrive on manipulating us while we are vulnerable from being immersed in chaos. A cosmic messenger event no doubt will identify this truth, but it needs a massive established data ground base to measure all the messages in full clear context.

I can no longer continue this journey without having a much larger Patreon light warrior network.


I am Wayne Herschel, Pictographic Symbologist, author and explorer of the origins of ancient civilisations. I have been very fortunate to uncover a treasure chest of major discoveries decoding the secrets of life, who we are and where we come from! I believe I have witnessed the ancient source of all truths, have managed to revive it together with my dedicated team of many years and am privy to evidence of seven of the biggest mysteries of life on this planet that can save humanity!

But I also opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box!

From the start, my work has been interfered with and under constant attack.

Join my group of light warriors … and become a part of something that may soon be considered the biggest QUEST on record as setting the stage to save our world! A group of illuminated souls that will also one day be seen on record as having made a difference. If this has sparked your curiosity even a little, I urge you to read on for more about what this initiative aspires towards, the targets it sets for itself and the valuable role you can play in helping in attaining its goals for the greater good.

This is the point where I now need you … because without you... we are lost.

Here are article links on my seven greatest discoveries:


The origin of all humanity
The origin of Atlantis
The origin of The Creation and all human souls
The origin of the Holy Grail
The Key of Solomon
The foundations of religion
Alien First Contact


This could begin to turn what has largely been a part-time endeavour, into a full-time initiative where even more time and energy can be devoted to the QUEST. Focussing on other means to earn a living means less time to devote to new posts and spreading the word.

We need to spend more on the means to make this Patreon objective more visible. While the websites will always carry the all-important free-to-view basics especially for those unable to afford to buy books or DVDs, the costs needed to maintain and update them are huge. Higher traffic to the websites sadly also comes with more attacks, with secure servers commanding extra charges to deal with this.

Once our budget passes the $1000 a month mark, we can spend more on security and more intensive promotional media campaigns for greater exposure. A minimum of two new updates per month posted on Facebook and one new-content video on YouTube per month should then become the norm.


The next phase of budget ahead means this QUEST can become more visible by spending on advertising and engaging in promotional campaigns. Apparently, it is possible to purchase greater public exposure in Facebook posts for example. There is a lot to overcome to keep the lost knowledge secure and visible. See the section outlining the latest on the QUEST’s status that follows.

Here is the banner I use at my website. There is a paypal option there for those preferring a single one off donation.


All my patrons who donate above $10 monthly will have direct communications with me in all emails as an active member of the THRBooks Research team. Let’s stop the manipulation of humanity! Read on to see how this can be solved. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a world where peace on earth is possible! And it is possible! We can all be the change. Become a patron of The Hidden Records and YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE!

Thank you for considering being a patron. Read on if wanting to know more.


In 2021, all my websites were cyber attacked and shut down. The perpetrators obviously threatened my provider not to release my domains. This shutdown continued for two months and wiped out my visibility completely. The biggest setback incurred as a result of this is that Google results from word search rankings were permanently lost and my websites still remain hard to find.

My Facebook and YouTube visibility algorithms are also under some sort of elite mandate and visible only to daily interactive visitors. The objective it seems is to make me invisible to the masses. My news feeds will not work unless there is constant interaction. Group posts are invisible. Comments I make are invisible. I can prove this to interested media. For example: I make a comment on YouTube or write to other account holders. You see it on my computer but nobody else can see it on their computers.

We need to work towards a much bigger budget to get to the next phase that will allow for professionally managed accounts involving paid promotions. For now, it is in our best interest to keep any initiatives planned past this point under wraps. It is wait and see but one thing is certain we need to learn to walk before we can run.


It has been my life work and responsibility to safeguard copyright for the lost knowledge that can save humanity that I believe I have partly secured in order to prepare humanity for its overwhelming importance. More recently I made my biggest finding yet when I discovered a collection of proof for Atlantis: The imprint of the circular canals, the actual Atlantis island landmass and ground-zero proof of what ended it, not to mention the all-important date of First Contact expected at the site that I decoded on location. It is absolutely crucial that the world knows what is coming and what it all means. It is the date of the return of our advanced ancestors. This changes everything. It is fast speeding up the process of not only trying to prepare humanity for such a world-changing event but to help us to measure the messages that I believe will be delivered on this very date.

While the world waited in 2011 and was counting down to the expected Mayan star visitors’ return in 2012 to fulfil the calendar prophecy, something happened just before the date at what was once the ancient Atlantis site. I was researching there at the time. A three-mile-wide mega crop circle message we call The Geoglyph occurred there overnight. The intensity of the force that created it flattened not just the rice crop, but it permanently indented the surface of the earth! And The Geoglyph that it formed showcased my star map template to a T. This star map, as already found in countless ancient civilisations as the basis of all my research on humanity’s cosmic past, also had the same X marks the spot.

Encoded in this star map was a message, a clearly decoded date hidden in plain site as 2027. And it of course begged the question: Who built this crop circle and when will they return? It is the date my book Herschel’s Atlantis counts down to for First Contact. But that is not all. It is also the same year that astronomers earmark for the start of a solar eclipse visible precisely from that location counting down to a special hour on a special day. The Geoglyph is there to see on Google Earth to this very day. Here are the coordinates to copy and paste:

37° 4'12.03"N6°19'23.11"W

The Spanish Government quickly launched a paper to try and prove they built it. But its officials overlooked a few very crucial details that proved it was alien. You as a prospective patron can evaluate this in the article on my website article. Not only did the message depict ‘my’ established star map template with the same X marks the spot star system of our star visitor ancestors. But it provided the answer to what the sentient intelligent beings we are should be asking ourselves: When will they return?

The date given was provided right up to the very hour!


It was as though the crop circle was directing a personal message at me. It had been planted on the site that was once Atlantis. And part of it was in the form of a star map, the concept on which my entire life’s work has been based where I am basically the only person on the planet who would be able to identify it. If this was my star map template of ‘as above so below’ that ONLY I was able to identify, I suddenly realised the message for me was to look for Plato’s Atlantis right there and then with my star map components. And on closer inspection of the terrain and its environs, all the indicators were there to prove like never before that this had once been Atlantis. Even the Pleiades and Orion’s Belt stars so integral to my star map, now as a landmark beneath the ocean bed were there as lost islands!

All my life’s work needs to be used as a cross-reference or a database as it were for the coming First Contact event. It is critical that everyone can measure the messages in their true context and therefore evaluate their benevolent nature. I am certain our governments will already be calling the visitors “a risk to our security” and to be safe we had better shoot at them. Humanity needs to be able to measure accurately the merit of the cosmic messenger’s messages; the intention of which I believe is to guide us through a set of foreseeable catastrophic crises.

My work has secured seven main discoveries and if one could wave a magic wand and these truths were globally accepted as history, there would be far better living conditions for all humanity and no more human manipulation or war … only peace and happiness. Sadly, it will be impossible for this to happen before 2027 but the best we can do is to make sure we protect these hidden records and make them visible as far as possible until First Contact. Our patrons can make this happen.


This initiative makes a promise to each and every patron that will one day give you the option if you choose: To credit you by name personally as a part of the change, part of making the difference. When it is safe and all agree, the patrons must be credited. Anyone can obviously choose to remain anonymous if preferred.

But there is also the promise of spiritual fulfilment for each and every patron that having made a difference will bring with it in itself. When your life here on earth has been completed and you face “The Creation” of all space time matter and souls … a thousand voices will sound and ask:

“What do you believe you accomplished with your gift of life, your appreciation of it and how you nurtured your world and its people?”

I can assure you that by having supported this easy-to-qualify QUEST – whose objective is very measurable – with the kind of generosity that is helping to spread the word about these decisive seven truths, you will stand proud and radiate great light with your reply.


This QUEST has something far more measurable than any other initiative looking for funds. But how does one measure the ‘truths’ that are its objective?

At https://www.oneism.org there is a page on defining good versus evil. Twelve personality traits that one can strive to work towards by habit to be a constructive human being. These are the attributes that can unite differences in religion, race, politics and everything world societies are based on. Reasoning and logic are key here. I coin it the Eden Principle because the magical part is measuring anything good or evil needs to be measured in an unadulterated pristine natural Eden environment. By contrast there are also twelve destructive habits defined by single words that most of us will want to steer away from naturally.


Who would ever have imagined there exists today revived lost knowledge so crucial to showing how equal and sacred we all really are? And that this revived truth of the sacrosanctity of every bloodline here on earth and of all races being equal would be deemed FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE?

If we all had this new revived knowledge, this would end all wars and build peace between all races and religions as we come to the realisation that the shared foundation of truth involves all as one. The powers that be are not happy with a revived truth like this. They prosper on war and chaos; on racial and religious differences to initiate their fake profiteering wars from or blame them on these. We are about to lose everything in war like never seen before, with us all enslaved to corporations who insist we accept their dominion like gods, and work harder and longer for less!

I might have been fortunate perhaps in making the discoveries I have and especially the message that spells the arrival of a messenger who can change everything.

However, very unfortunate when it comes to my daily struggle in life due to the interference with very little support except for that of small dedicated team around me. The losses and disasters in my book trading have been devastating. For the last three decades it meant living with absolute bare essentials; every new year wondering, if we will lose the ability to subsist another year on an already shoe-string budget that cannot but have an effect on the psyche at a time when creativity and getting the word out are all-important.


For now a few very dedicated active investors and my small light warrior team are carrying the torch. Yes, currently we are just barely treading water although I am pleased to say we have just managed to secure world copyright for all three books like no other book in history. But we need a bigger team. There are plans for back up plans that now ensure that The Hidden Records Chronicles – as I coin my trilogy of books that represents the treasure chest of my findings – cannot be removed… ever!

I firmly believe the revived truths and the knowledge that comes with them, when discovered, can be life changing for anyone coming across them. Not only do they reveal the identity of our alien star-visitor human-ancestor bloodline, a precise history and place of our physical origins; they also reveal where all souls originate; the actual place of what I call The Creation of all time, space, matter, and the place of all souls, an all-knowing all seeing light nucleus at the centre of the universe that legend calls the Tree of Life.

Sadly, in reality, all of the revived truths are now being bombarded relentlessly by interference from those in high places to shut my work down.


Yes, the mega-rich are now an important part of saving our planet. I now believe there is a better way forward for those who are in power destroying our world. They need a second chance. Imagine instead of punishing them for catastrophic profiteering and for manipulating governments and so forth as the book of ‘Revelation’ writes “Casting them to hell” as the messenger speaks with words “that cut like a sword”. What if an amnesty option were to be introduced to inspire them with incentives to use their billions to end suffering and save the world?

Previously with my belief that billionaires were the powerhouse funding and harming planet earth and all humanity, I felt absolutely no compassion for any judgement they were destined to endure in the face of a cosmic messenger visitation taking place. But then I suddenly realised this is not the sentiment that will work because most of these individuals in high places already worry that a messenger event will punish them. Because of this, they would no doubt have left some very sinister plans for some very unthinkable things to transpire by order if they are harmed or removed.

My objective is to be able to set up my work – currently contained in The Hidden Records Trilogy, on my website, on YouTube and Social Media – for the greater good. Especially to aid with creating clarity when it comes to measuring the benevolence of a prospective messenger event if it is to take place and which could provide new relief to billions suffering … free education … fair earnings … unlimited medical care … and especially safeguard everybody’s human right to be in this world living a life of fulfilment.

How to measure our remarkable history is crucial to understanding First Contact.

What I add to this now is to say there is merit to the strong possibility that First Contact can play itself out with an amnesty period for those in high places. Many of them do not even have any concept of how much harm they have really caused. If they are given incentives to make the changes, they will not overreact to peace offerings. Very exclusive rewards to those people who manipulated humanity can redirect the funding needed to save the world. Perhaps even special trips to space, access to super technology medical advances to heal their own personal health issues, to mention but a few incentives for a change of heart. They can be rewarded for their efforts to financially assist with the world in crisis … if they too have a change of heart.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a world where peace on earth is possible!

Become a patron of The Hidden Records and YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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