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For those of you who want to throw a little money at Way Walkers but aren't interested in benefits. Every little bit helps to keep me going, and I appreciate you guys most of all. Thank you!

  • The love and Admiration of a tired, overworked and stressed author, and the knowledge that your gift helped me to rest a little easier.
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"So you're In it with Me"

  • Access to Patron-only Discord, where you can talk about Way Walkers! This is the main place I'll be Lurking about and will happily interact with readers. If i'm bored, if i'm stuck, if i'm testing ideas, this is where i'll come first-- so if you want to influence the future of Way Walkers, this is where you want to be!
  • You get to read the weirdness that is me. Posts in Weekly Weird* will be short, but cover everything from two sentence short stories, anecdotes about my daily life, my dyslexic duh moments, short reviews for things i'm reading/playing/viewing, theories of what the most recent ghost floating around me wants, and just basically anything else odd that falls out of my head. It will not be censored. It will not be edited. But it will be entertaining.    
*note: Weekly Weird just sounds cool for a name, and thus might not actually update weekly-- sometimes you'll see a couple in a week, sometimes none, but there will be at least two posts a month.
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"Because you just wanna know more!"

  • Once a month I'll do a Q&A from questions you submit! If we get a lot of them, you'll have access to a poll to determine this months' questions/theme. These can be about anything, from my favorite color, to tips on world building, to what kind of underwear would Jathen wear! But no spoilers! :p
  • All benefits of previous tiers.
  • Access to Weekly Weird; my Patron only blog-posts
  • Access to the Way Walker Patron-Only Discord
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About J. Leigh with Mac Rea Authors of Way Walkers

Hi, i'm J. Leigh, author and creator of Way Walkers: a high fantasy world of powerful Talents, mischievous spirits, and sentient Artifacts—as well as secret societies, backstabbing lies, and dangerous mysteries. The people of this world comprise a variety of races, from the ageless Clan to the draconic Tazu, the plant-like Niju-Iki to the flirtatious and mysterious Lu’shun. Each race is partial to a particular Way, or spiritual path, but many choose to follow that which best suits their interests and personalities, as well as their personal Talents. Though the Twelve Ways act as spiritual guides to characters’ actions, the series explores the idea that faith must always bend to the individual will– “For freewill shall choose between the paths fate has laid.”

I've been writing this world since i was 11 years old, and it is rich and deep and part of my soul. It has two forms, the choose your own adventure Way Walkers: University through Hosted Games, and the traditional novel series The Tazu Saga through Red Adept Publishing.

Together now with Mac Rea, my amazing writing buddy who has contributed to Way Walkers since we were in college together, and now offical Way Walkers interactive novel co-author, we're turning out more conetent and bigger stories.

Why a Patron account? Mostly, this is to help me revitalize and strengthen my relationship with my fan base after a long hiatus, and to help ease the financial burden that being a part-time author ultimately entails. It takes a lot of time, effort and energy to write so many things, and the long space between project releases can be very hard on my wallet. Basically, i'm here to have fun with my fans, get insights, keep myself motivated and hopefully make the best Way Walkers possible. :)
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When I reach $300, I will release the playable Way Walkers University 3 birthday party scene to all patrons above the "just throw money at it" Tier!
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