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About What Do I Do?

What is "What Do I Do?" 

What Do I Do? is a podcast about current events for folx who want to get involved.

Currently in pre-production for its first season, the goal of “What Do I Do?” is to use levity and brevity to identify approachable ways for folx to take action during a time where the world’s issues are very overwhelming. In each episode, we’ll talk about one thing happening in the world (social issues, politics, current events) and finish by identifying at least three specific action steps a person can use to get involved whether they are physical, financial, emotional, or other.

For example, the Amazon is on fire. What does that mean and what do I do? - You can 1) do something financial like donate to X organization, 2) something physical like volunteer with X organization, or even something as simple as 3) ask X question to a loved one. 

Why Patreon?

1. Philanthropy. Our principal goal is to create simpler ways for folx to take action in response to things happening in the world. At the end of each episode, we'll identify at least three action steps for people and one of those will always be financial. Folks can donate directly to an episode's cause (specific links and information provided in each episode) or they can pledge to our show on Patreon; we'll donate a percentage of our monthly earnings to a good cause. By pledging to us on Patreon, you are taking action! 

2. Operating Expenses. Patreon's platform allows our community to make on-going pledges which will help us to create episodes as the world changes. In short, creating this show takes time and money. Regular expenses include but are not limited to: website, graphics, distribution, equipment, music, artist payment, etc. Patreon support makes creating our show possible!

3. Community. Patreon is a community space in addition to a fundraising platform. Here we can provide access to our show and dialogue directly with our listeners. We're excited to use this space as a hub for constructive conversation and accountability. 

Who are we?
WDID is hosted and created by David Kimple and his personal community. The idea came from a conflicting sense of overwhelm when thinking of all the issues of the world today and the sense of duty to do something about them. Assuming that others feel the same way, he approaches the creation of WDID as a way to simultaneously educate himself as well as create a resource for others. 

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