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Welcome to we_create! We are an official Arduino User Group based in Collegedale, Tennessee, with the sole purpose of helping the Arduino community grow and learn together, both locally and globally. We provide tutorials, help people build projects, and even work with schools to help kids learn STEAM.

Tutorials: We have several ways in which we provide tutorials for the Arduino community. Our first and foremost method is by posting projects and tutorials on Hackster (hackster.io) and Instructables (instructables.com). For those who support us here on Patreon, we provide patron-only video tutorials, as well as one-minute Programming Tidbits and Arduino Tidbits. These are the most comprehensive of our tutorials. We also are using Udemy to create free video tutorials for the community in general.

Community Service Projects: One thing that our group values most is community service. We have not seen many ways in which people have done community service through technology; however, we have seen it, and we have done it. From a greenhouse monitoring system to a remote-controlled camera, we have created projects to help our community. These projects save people hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, simply because we have the skills to implement when creating these technological items.

STEAM: Our vision is to help kids learn STEAM concepts through the use of Arduino. Arduino is inexpensive, easy to use, and is one of the best ways to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (yes, Arduino is an art), and Math. Our goal is to begin hosting student conventions, where we show kids the wonders of Arduino. From flashing an LED to building complex robots, kids can find that STEAM is fun simply by learning about Arduino.

Arduino is a well-known board in the world of circuitry and engineering; however, it is not well-known among the vast majority of the population. This is a great way to get people excited about the wonders of engineering. We, the members of we_create, have all gained a great pleasure in using Arduino, and we want to share that with the world.

As you all know, starting a venture like this is not easy. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes workers. And, of course, it takes money. We are not asking for much of your time, or a whole lot of effort. We are not even asking you to accept a job offer at we_create (we don't even have any jobs available at the time). We just need some financial support. As we said earlier, Arduino is decently inexpensive. But when you add on a website, boards, components, PO Boxes, 3D Printers... the list goes on. We would appreciate anything you can give - we're not picky. But the more you give, the more that we can use to further the group's efforts and to fulfill our mission.

This is the Arduino User Group Manifesto:
  • Support the global Arduino open source hardware and software ecosystem, making electronics open and participatory.
  • Serve as an evangelist for Arduino, expanding the open source ecosystem to students, makers, developers, designers, engineers, and enterprises within your local communities.
  • Build a global network of communities that will co-design projects, exchange ideas, organize collaborative activities, and teach official Arduino courses — regardless of age, gender, language and technical ability.

Being an official Arduino User Group, this is our mission at we_create - supporting Arduino, teaching others about it, and building the community. By supporting we_create, you support this mission. Thank you for your support.

Visit our website here for more information.
$0 of $20 per month
We will be able to begin creating tutorials for the Hackster community, as well as on Instructables. Our video tutorials will still only be available on Patreon.
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