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  •  Access to all current full chapters. (Once I get into gear and have generated a proper backlog, this should stay at two or more chapters.) 

As I'm currently reworking my workflow, this tier will effectively be the same as the previous one, just as a heads up.

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* You will get access to early drafts on google docs.

As I'm currently reworking my writing process, I'm not entirely sure what this will entail, but if you pledge for this tier I will contact you via Patreon message so we can sort it out. I'm currently testing out outlining a full arc in its entirety before chunking it down to chapters, so this tier has the potential for you to be able to read full arcs ahead!

This tier might change to include miscellaneous material as well, such as my random notes and worldbuilding docs.




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About weakman54

Hello, I'm weakman54 and I'm writing a webnovel about a person who got reincarnated into a fantasy world, you can find it here, or in any of these places:
Royal Road https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/26908/so-im-a-cat-what-now
ScribbleHub https://www.scribblehub.com/series/54746/so-im-a-cat-what-now/

I'm aiming to make the story a light adventure/slice of life. Expect more cute/heartwarming moments, and less harrowing life or death situations. That said, I won't shy away from darker plot points when they arise; the world is not always warm fires and nice scritches. The story has light litRPG elements, such as status screens and activatable skills. However, there won't be many numbers or much math, as I don't enjoy writing that.

As a reward for supporting me, patrons will get chapters and any other content in advance. I'm aiming to one day be able to support myself fully by writing. To reflect that, I will set up my patreon goals so that for each goal that is met, I will release chapters more often. Currently, I will only have tier until I build up a larger buffer of chapters.
$4 of $10 per month
Yeah, some sort of income via Patreon!
This won't really do much in terms of my posting schedule, but if I reach this I will definitely celebrate in some way, very likely with a pizza. (Hmm, maybe a "Milo introduces the world to Pizza" special chapter?)
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