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About Curious Fox

What is Curious Fox?

We create space for people to explore their curiosity around love, sex, and relationships. No commitments, no pressure. Just honest, positive, solution-based information around lifestyles and relationships that challenge the status quo.

Think of us as sexy personal growth and relationship nerds.

Our work began as an effort to meet the growing need for objective, informed, and engaging information about relationships and non-monogamy. Soon we grew from conversations to monthly events, from small groups to an international community. We are in our third year, and once again we are being called to grow. We want to expand our reach, as our information and in-person community can no longer be confined to our foxhole in New York City. Each day we receive requests from around the globe for information that can help individuals, couples, and communities to learn, connect, and thrive in their relationships. We also want to amplify the breadth and impact our offerings; providing additional content in a variety of mediums, expanding on the topics and voices that reflect the breadth of healthy, unique relationships.

What do we do?

Each month, we explore relationship themes through original, contributed, and curated content, as well as panel discussions, workshops, podcasts, artwork, and more. Our goal is to make information accessible and engaging, so that everyone has a place to indulge their curiosity and find the information and community that can help them live their best lives. To that end, we host:
  • Curious Fox Socials – In-person panel discussions
  • Curious Fox Presents – Educator-led workshops
  • Consider This – Our annual conference
  • Curious Fox Soirées – Social events
Curious foxes reflect all ages, orientations, gender identities, socio-economic statuses, cultures, relationship statuses, and family styles. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are curious, open-minded, committed to personal growth, and interested in pursing their best life.

How You Can Help!

We work really hard to keep our costs low and our product quality high, but it takes a lot of resources to build and sustain the Curious Fox community. Your contribution helps us sustain our work and grow in the following ways:
  • Our website, which includes:
    • original, contributed, and curated content including blog posts, interviews, articles, art work, and more
  • Expand our online community, including:
    • Livestreaming of our panels and educator-led events 
    • Videos, which answer questions from the community and provide real-world information and solutions to help individuals and partners craft their best love and sex lives
    • Virtual hangouts, where people from around the country and the globe can get together to ask questions, share stories, learn tips, and building information and community
  • Our podcast series, which includes:
    • A monthly exploration of the theme from an academic and personal perspective
    • Audio recordings of our monthly panel discussions
    • Interviews and conversations with advocates, educators, authors, individuals, and couples who are exploring the world of love, sex, and relationships
  • Growing our local and national events, including:
    • Panel discussions, educator-led events, conferences, and soirées

Everyone who contributes makes it possible for this content to be available to those who can’t afford to support. Plus, as a Patreon contributor you get a bunch of cool stuff!!

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