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Basic Level
$2 or more per month patrons
Basic-Level Patrons get access to:
  • The Patreon-exclusive community page:
    • Get behind-the-scenes updates straight from Producer Trav: episode sneak peeks, outtakes, bloopers and more!
    • Interact with Jim & Pruitt- suggest new show topics, submit questions, and exchange beard maintenance tips with Pruitt!

Expert Level
$5 or more per month patrons
Web DM Heroes get everything in the Basic-level tier, plus:
    • The Web DM Podcast is a fully produced, hour-long, weekly show which will let Jim and Pru delve deeper than they ever have before. If you want to listen to WebDM in your car, at work, or even while window shopping in the slave pits of Menzoberranzen, Jim and Pru are ready to throw down whenever you are.
  • Access to Podcast/Audio-Only Version of the regular Wednesday shows!
    • We’ve had many, many requests to provide audio-only mp3 versions of our regular Wednesday YouTube shows so our legions of fans can get their Web DM fix on the go! 
Immortal Level
$25 or more per month patrons
Access to everything in the Basic and Expert levels, plus:
  • Access to the Immortal Discord group!   Chat with Jim, Pruitt, Producer Travis, the rest of our behind-the-scenes team AND the rest of our immortal-level patrons.  Start up a game, develop your campaign ideas, and connect with amazing people who love Web DM as much as you do.
  • Access to an exclusive monthly live group chat! We’ll talk about your game, answer your burning questions, and just hang out and talk about D&D!