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Websightly is a project that's managed and funded by a single person - Wojtek Połowniak. My current role is Full stack Enginneer, I'm placed in Warsaw, Poland. I used to run knowledge sharing focused YouTube channel called Koduje (pl: I'm coding, ~14.000 subscribers), with focus on polish audience. I'm also the author of various video courses on eduweb.pl

There are few goals of Websightly:
  • Promote accessibility, inclusiveness and privacy awareness on the web
  • Promote ads free creator support with Patreon and Web Monetization standard
  • Making a platform to create interactive and innovative tutorials
  • Playground for exploration of new technologies and learning

The very raw idea of this kind of knowledge sharing, with context preview as you scroll sprouted during my work on Koduje. I've worked on that with few collegues while working at non existent company now, Functionite. Unfortunately in 2017 life happened and we couldn't proceed with it's development as we wanted, so I started taking care of that on my own.

The work on the project in it's current form started in February 2019. That gives rougly 15 months (at the time of Websightly release) of after-hour work, playing around with different concepts, redesigns, implementing new features and removing them. After so much time I've decided that it's now or never - as perfect is the enemy of good. With going live I hope I'll make it much better and learn much more.

That is, Patreon support is totally optional, you can use Websightly and read the articles even if you're not a patron. That's just an option for those who are willing to support the development of the platform and my personal coding journey to some extent. I've decided to go with this approach as there are few recurring payments for the projects, such as privacy-focused commenting system subscription or hosting and domain bills.

I do not exclude the option of creating a page on Websightly thats purpose is to recognise the patrons - however at this point, there are no benefits of that kind.

I also do not exclude the option that at some point, I'll create paid, dedicated tutorials using the Websightly as a platform in the future, in which case - if that happened - I can provide early access and discounts for my patrons. Just keep in mind that it's just a probability in some distant future.

That's why I've decided to go with support per creation - the posts I create will not always be as lengthy as my first entry, Don't disable outline, master it instead but I'll try to make them as thorough as possible. I'll let you know upfront the topic about the new articles in patron-only posts.

At this point, I can only reward you with patreon only posts, my honest appreciation, big THANK YOU and minor chit-chat if you reach out to me. 

You're awesome!

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