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“QUICK! BUY ALL THE FLOUR!” Hmm..yes. But what are you going to do with all that flour exactly?

Now we all have to spend more time at home alone, what to do? Maybe you love spending time with #1. But maaaaybe not always.

One thing’s for sure—we also love shared-experiences—let’s start with cooking!

We’re all cooking more, which can be exciting(!), but when faced with a cupboard of ingredients and no recipe in mind, most of us don’t know where to begin.

WeCook is where to find community cooking — live! With humans! Join at 7pm every weeknight to:

  1. Share recipes
  2. Learn techniques & skills
  3. Have fun making things

The runtime is about an hour.

I’ll be posting the recipes and help everyone share their recipes and photos too!
Shake off those isolation blues — let’s create something fun!
If you like what I’m doing I’d appreciate your support!

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Love and cake!
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