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About We Hate Movies

Dear Gentle Listener,

Since its inception in 2010, We Hate Movies has been dedicated to bringing you weekly podcasts featuring comedy-charged conversations about bad movies, bad cartoons, bad television, and more! From its humble beginnings in Eric's bedroom in Astoria, Queens, just barely making episodes out of short talks on films like Psychomania and Congo, to putting out entire theme months like Listener Request Month, the Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza and the incredibly popular Halloween Spooktacular, to taking the show on the road and performing live in venues across the country, WHM has been going strong for almost a decade!

And we still want to do so much more... But we need your help!

By becoming part of our Patreon family, you'll be assisting us with not just the day-to-day operations of WHM, but also helping us plan for the future. With your patronage, you'll be allowing us the time and resources to not only produce the weekly show, but also create much more content, purchase better equipment, design new merch and get us out on the road to perform live in your town's comedy club, movie theater, or college campus! In a perfect world, we'd do this for a living, and with your help, each month inches us closer and closer to that dream!

The Break Down
More content: We're looking to step up production on sync-able commentary tracks and bonus episodes. These take time & scratch to produce. We're also looking to develop different projects including new WHM shows, video series, and maybe even e-books.   

Better equipment: We think our show sounds great, but everything can always sound better. Your patronage will help us acquire better mics, mixers and other recording gear. The show has come a long way from where we started -- the pilot haunts Andrew to this day -- but we can always sound more polished.

Design new merch: Sure, the "Probably Secundus" T-shirt was a big hit, but we're always coming up with new ideas for shirts with no time to actually get them produced. With your patronage, we'll be able to follow through on new merch ideas and hire the right people to get them made. You'll also help us bulk order select merch to take with us when we...

Get out on the road more: We love the online community we've developed through doing the show all these years, but there's nothing more rewarding for us than playing live for fans and meeting folks afterward. Whether it's doing an episode of the podcast in a comedy club, or a real time commentary in front of a theater audience, WHM Live is something only a select few cities have been able to experience so far.

We understand that the places we've played (or play frequently) are not close for the majority of our audience. With your patronage, we hope to be able to cover all the costs that go into touring including travel, lodging, venue fees and, for some live commentaries, film licensing! We'd like to be able to cover all corners of this continent and venture even further to play for our fans in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, and beyond!

But what do you get out of this, you ask?
Well we are a comedy podcast, so the thing you're going to get out of becoming a patron of WHM is more bonus comedy podcast content that non-patrons won't have access to! This includes all your favorite WHM bonus shows like: Animation Damnation (moving exclusively to Patreon, sorry!), A Side Order of Sleaze (possibly, we'll see how these signups go!), access to WHM commentaries earlier than the public, and exclusive access to an all-new WHM side show, The Nexus, where the guys will be talking about episodes of Star TrekStar Trek: The Next Generation, and other Trek-related properties at length! (Note: Episodes of WHM Mail Bag and WHM On-Screen will remain on the main feed.)

So that's our spiel.

From the very beginning, WHM has been fan-driven and fan-supported. First and foremost we do the show every week for you, the listener. Without you folks, there's no reason to even do a show in the first place. But time is moving on, and we've realized that if we're going to turn WHM into something even greater, now is the moment to do so!

We're super excited about all the new ideas and directions we have planned for the WHM brand as we head into the eighth season of this show, and we can't wait to have you on board helping us out.

Much thanks for being there for us then and being here for us now,

Andrew, Steve, Eric & Chris
The WHM Gang

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