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With the VR version access key put on your headset and experience hang-gliding like a Pilot.

The VR version of the simulator can be experienced in a sitting position with several options for controlling the aircraft, even without the complex simulator hardware. The most common one is moving the headset to simulate weight-shift (i.e. moving your head back and forth, and side to side). Other more involving options are also available. The VR version includes all the features from the free desktop version of the simulator and is designed so that both are compatible in multiplayer mode as well.

Thank you! Donations like these really make further development possible.

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About Boki [bɔki]

WeightSHIFT+CTRL Simulator is a flight simulator focused on ultra-light aircraft which consist of, and whose in-flight behavior is mainly defined by the interaction of, two or more loosely connected physical bodies. In layman terms it's primarily a true hang-gliding simulator.

There are plenty of aircraft and flight simulators out there so why create a new one? All of the existing simulators are traditionally modeling aerodynamic control surfaces for steering the aircraft which works perfectly fine in most cases, especially for large aircraft. However, just like big ships are not much affected by people walking on the deck while the effect of crew moving around on a small boat would be significant, in the same way small aircraft are greatly affected by the weight-shift caused by the pilot and the crew movement. So much in fact that for a flex-wing hang-glider the only way of controlling it is weight shifting. These dynamic in-flight weight-shift effects are negligible for heavier aircraft and are always ignored in modelling traditional flight simulators which is exactly why traditional flight simulators fail to simulate hang-gliders and other ultralight aircraft. So… here comes the WeightSHIFT+CTRL Simulator!

My name is Davor Bokun. In hang-gliding circles I'm better known as Boki from Croatia. I hang-glide since 2000, I've done some competitions in the past and I own a hang-gliding instructor's license since 2015. I have an engineering degree in Computing with focus on computer graphics and simulations, I also do software development for a living and develop games and teach game development professionally. As a volunteer I'm the local Unreal Engine community lead. So all of the above combined gives me the expertise and passion for creating simulation games especially ones involving hang-gliding.

WeightSHIFT+CTRL Simulator is not a new project. It started as a club prototype for a hang-gliding teaching aid back in 2012. We needed a tool to get students acquainted with the equipment in flight configuration, while giving the instructor a chance to recognize and correct mistakes on the ground. We iterated over a number of approaches to the solution for both the software and the hardware part. Step by step over the years the hang-gliding teaching aid evolved into a full-fledged VR hang-gliding simulator. It has since been showcased on many aeronautic and IT events with great response.

So where do we go from here? By working as an Unreal Engine professional I have learned and improved in the last couple of years since the simulator development first took off. It would be incredible to have the time and the opportunity to pour some of that knowledge and experience into the existing simulator. At the very least that would include multiplayer and replay options, realistic ocean and water shaders, better clouds and weather renderers, more detailed and optimized landscapes, more hang-gliders, flying and ground equipment, and so on... But other more advanced features are also in the design pipeline just waiting to be implemented. For example: realistic ground handling control, foot launch and landing, weather renderer based on realistic boundary layer CFD simulation results, air and ground based towing, educational in-flight and post-flight analysis, realistic equipment failure aerodynamics with response options, powered flight, and much much much more...

I hope you find all of this interesting and exciting as much as I do. If so, please feel free to download and fly the free version of the WeightSHIFT+CTRL Simulator, join the development discussion on Discord, and if you want or need more, please consider becoming a patron to get all the benefits for your selected tier therefore supporting further development.

Safe landings!


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This goal would enable me to have one week per month dedicated to the WeightSHIFT+CTRL Simulator development.
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