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"I always thought Oklahoma was just cowboys and country music."

I've heard some variation of this statement so many times over the years. People around the country still think Roger & Hammerstein or Toby Keith when it comes to Oklahoma music. Nothing against the occasional twang and drawl, but there's so much more happening here, more than even savvy locals realize. I don't just mean The Flaming Lips or BRONCHO, either. I'm talking hip-hop, punk, electronic, death metal, jazz, experimental. We have all of that and more.

New original music is stuck in a splintered underground music scene here, though. I want to help change that with

Make Oklahoma Weirder is a multimedia grassroots platform designed with a fresh, street-savvy perspective to support, curate, and spotlight original music in Oklahoma.

The phrase "Make Oklahoma Weirder" is, sure, a riff on the Austin, TX, slogan, but this is no competition. My mission is to help cultivate a thriving music culture in Oklahoma that is uniquely ours.


Did you say "multimedia"?

Indeed. Much music coverage here has been stuck in written words and still photos. I want to give Oklahoma something more. That means audio/visual coverage like on-location interviews, podcast recordings, event footage, and vlogs to supplement the website and music blog. Make Oklahoma Weirder's YouTube channel has already been working on this since its inception.

I also sell some fun merch on the side to help fuel the platform and to support the local artists that do the designs. T-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc with the "Make Oklahoma Weirder" slogan in various incarnations are available currently in-person at Dig It OKC and online at TeePublic.


Yeah, but who are YOU?

Good question. My name is Evan Jarvicks, but people call me Jarvix. I've been writing local music articles in Oklahoma City since 2015 across various internet blogs and news publications. My style has been praised for its insight, passion, and constructive criticism. You may not know me, but a ton of local artists do.

I'm also a musician in my own right, a solo looping pedal performer known for inventive arrangements and quirky narratives. This gives me a unique perspective on music that you simply won't find in more mainstream publications around here.

Make Oklahoma Weirder is my passion project.


Are you gonna be consistent with updates?

Another good question.

Between social media content and website updates, Make Oklahoma Weirder is sharing new information about the Oklahoma music scene(s) all the time, whether by recommending events, sharing posts, or reporting on the go.

More substantial projects such as blog articles and video series are developed on a case-by-case basis. As I continue to build this platform, I'm trying new ideas out all the time and realizing what works and what doesn't as I journey forward. Therefore, there is currently no set weekly or monthly schedule for updates on features like Choose Your Own Interview, First Impressions, and Singles Grab Bag, though these will definitely continue to be a thing when possible.

That said, there will always be something to support each month, and you'll know about it through my Patreon posts.


And if I support this?

You'd be helping the music community more than you know.

More than anything, a public musician wants to be heard and understood. That's where music coverage begins with Make Oklahoma Weirder. When done right, that coverage can then spark reputable word of mouth, and in today's industry, that word of mouth is what makes independent artists thrive.

You're not just supporting me. You're supporting a whole community.

But you'd be helping me out some, too. Things like running a website, paying for professional services such as editing and videography, investing in & maintaining merchandise....this all adds up. It'd be amazing to do this for a living, but that's not why Make Oklahoma Weirder is on Patreon.

There is a huge gap between the average Oklahoman (or even the "savvy" Oklahoman) and the pool of diverse talent in our own backyard. This can help bridge that gap.

That you are even reading this far shows that you care. THANK YOU for that alone. And if you should decide to make that extra show of support with a monthly sponsorship, you'll get a more proper thanks in the form of our unique reward tiers.

Let's do this together. Let's Make Oklahoma Weirder.


Evan Jarvicks
Chief Executive Weirdo
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Help us afford studio time to get a quality podcast going!

We don't want to just do interviews. We want to include exclusive music performances, too, and we want it to sound great. That requires equipment and space that we don't have, and having an engineer on site is a huge help as well.

This is a minimal estimate for how much it would cost us to add a new podcast episode every other week to our other monthly MOW expenses.

(fun fact - Jarvix used to help with a thing called Grounded Sounds...this is mostly modeled after that, so check it out if you want some idea of what we're thinking)
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