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About Weird Things

Bigfoot. Aliens. Yetis. Killer AI’s. Space privateers. Goblins, ghosts, ESP, and full-on shouting arguments over space elevators.
This is the Weird Things podcast. 

Five years ago on a Skype call between us, we realized that one of the things that made us friends was our love of strange topics while still being firm critical thinkers and lovers of science. 

We’d been looking for a way to share this love of science and weird things with others. We wanted to promote critical thinking, yet not belittle oddball ideas or ridicule (in a mean way) the people that hold them.

The answer was right in front of us; let’s have these conversations with anybody who wanted to listen. We could share what we found interesting about Bigfoot, killer AI, the perils of using an ape as a guard animal and everything else. People could participate as Andrew forced Brian and Justin into his little philosophical mind games and scenarios. They could watch Justin try diffuse the tension as Andrew and Brian argued about space elevators and the ethical dilemma of cloning your dead child so you’re wife won’t know about the horrible fireworks accident in the backyard.

From that, the Weird Things Podcast was born.

We had no idea how it would grow. Today, each episode has over 10,000 listeners. We’re constantly running into people who listen to the podcast and like to look at the world like we do.

Your can check it out here: Weird Things Podcast or pledge here on Patreon for an exclusive RSS feed with Weird Things and early MP3 access to our sister show on the creative process, After Things.

We’ve taken listeners along with us in search of Night Creepers, hotel ghosts and watched live rocket launches.

It’s been an amazing time. Weird Things has become a favorite thing we do. Because of your support on Patreon, Weird Things has never been more regular.

We want to give you more of what you love and your support has made this possible.

Weird Things, as silly and stupid as it can get sometimes, has been a great way to unite and reach out to people to show them that being a critical thinker, a skeptic and a lover of science can be a wonderful way to look at the world and have fun.
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