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Honestly, I do not yet have the time to deliver content for Patreon as well. But you becoming a patron helps immensely! Thanks for supporting!  

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About WeirdWolf

Welcome to the disintegrating madhouse of hell that is the content of my brain.

Hi! My name is King Amazing Overlord the 3rd WeirdWolf, and i am a content creator on YouTube. I create daily videos all about gaming, comedy and whatever else might be shooting through the nerve cells of my brain when i turn the camera on.

You can expect to see many story-based video games on my channel, and my appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) reaction to what might have just happened on my screen. Other than that, i love weird games. Not because of my name, but because i think it is mindblowing what some people can come up with, much less giving it shape in video game form.

I also create a series called "Why I Shouldn't Tweet", in which i scroll down my older tweets (or sometimes your tweets) and figure out what reasons i might have had to tweet the strange texts before me. This series tends to turn weird rather fast. For an example that is completely out of context: I once drank the world's most disgusting drink while watching "Fifty Shades of Grey" in an episode. So yeah, that's that.

If you enjoy the content that i am creating, then make sure to become a Patron right here on this page! On the right you see many different rewards that you can get access to if you decide to join me on this journey! Thank you so much!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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