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On-Stream Thank You
Pledging at least $5 a month will be rewarded with an on-stream thank you!
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
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Original Artwork
Provided by my in-house artist, the first ten people to pledge $25 a month or more will receive a one-time gift of an 8.5x11" original artwork.
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Single-Handed Series Sponsor
At this tier, you've decided you like what I do more than you like money.
Together, we will collaborate to create a series idea, which I will then record, edit, and upload, crediting you as the Executive Producer (or similar formal-sounding title of your choosing). This will be in addition to the other content I produce, all of which will bear your credit.




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About WeiseDrachenJaeger

Who am I?
I am an aspiring Twitch streamer, passionate about Magic, Minecraft, and games with heavy logistical and planning aspects.

How will pledges help?
As it stands, I have to spend the majority of my days either working or in transit, which drastically limits my ability to create the content I wish to create. Monthly donations will, at certain thresholds, allow me to reduce the number of days a week I work while still maintaining the electricity, internet, and shelter required to produce content. For the time being, the ultimate goal would be to transition from a retail employee to a dedicated online content creator.
$0 of $1,200 per month
-1 Mundane Job, +1 Awesome Life
At this level, I should have enough funding to dedicate myself 5 days a week to streaming and producing videos. While at this point I should already have five uploads per week, this tier should allow me to spread the work across five days, reducing the likelihood of backlog and fatigue. Reaching this level will also come with a one-time 24-hour celebratory stream.
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