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About me
I play with toys and I make toys. Sometimes I'm making games, short films and 3d models. I'm also running Wekster's Geeky Stuff youtube channel.

NOTE: Every Patreon will get link to the dropbox folder where they will be able to download my files. Links are visible on the left side (tags) and some older work can be found inside posts.
Check my tiers for more.

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(even if it's the last day of the month) and their access will be valid until the beginning of the next month.

Models are for personal use only (except in the El Dorado tier)!

Thank You for checking out my page!

Some of my work and models I'm modeling for my Patreons

My free stuff is available here.

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You get my welcome present - an access to my old 3d models (Rocketeer, simple versions of Flash, Robocop, Dredd...) and a huge thank you!
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If you like my mini figurines this one is made for you! Every month I'm releasing two mini figurines and by choosing this tier you will also get an access to my older mini figurines that were made for my 5+ patrons.
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With this one you will get an access to everything from the previous tier - my mini figurines, some personal projects and my bigger models. You will be credited in my youtube videos and you will get an invite to my personal Discord server!
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I will be able to make more content and do more live streams
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