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Thank you for the support! For this tier you'll receive:

  • A personal thank you message from me
  • Access to patron-only posts including screenshots, sprite sheets, and updates before anyone else!
  • New game builds every other Monday
  • Access to the Welcome to Monday Discord server
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The Tuesdays

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In addition to everything from the previous tier, you'll receive:

  •  The Tuesdays role on Discord which gives you access to the #The-Tuedays channel where you can promote yourself 
  • A mention in the credits of any game I finish while you're a patron
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The Fridays

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Wow, really?! On top of the rewards from the previous tiers, you'll also receive: 

  • A download link to my finished games for free
  • A special credit on the Welcome to Monday website as long as you're a patron
  •  The Fridays role on Discord which gives you access to the #Requests channel where you can ask for things in previous or upcoming games 
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About Welcome to Monday

Hi! I'm Max, and I'm the founder of Welcome to Monday.

I make 2D indie games with a framework I built in Monogame. I create a lot of my own assets, but I also buy from and credit other creators. You'll see those credits here, on Twitter, the game's itch.io pages, as well as in-game. 

Professionally, I'm a software developer for an educational software company in Northern California. I'm halfway through a Bachelor's program for Software Development because I wanted the formal education to back up my knowledge. 

All of my social media is maintained by my wife, Izzy.

Current Work-In-Progress:
Beacon, a Metroidvania game about a maintenance robot on a remote space outpost on a planetoid hundreds of lightyears from Earth.

Previous Games: 
Ouroboros, a snake-inspired game where you control a lunar snake which must steal a lantern from the tail of the last Champion, and in doing so will become the Champion to defeat come next festival.

Why should you become a patron of Welcome to Monday?
All of my builds will always be free until they're finished, and then the prices will always be low. Becoming a patron will help me maintain these low prices and keep free builds viable.

Making games is my passion, and I know many other indie developers would say the same. I'm a huge advocate for independent creators, and with more patrons I can fund more creators. I can buy more content from other creators, I can reach a bigger audience to help boost other creators, and I can support more creators out of my own pocket through Patreon, independent stores, and other social media. 

On top of helping me to support independent creators, you can also receive:
  • Access to patron-only posts such as early updates, screenshots, and other media and information regarding my current and future projects.
  • The invite link to the Welcome to Monday Discord server.
  • Every game I release for free depending on your tier.
  • A mention in the credits of any game I finish while you're a patron.
  • More to come as I build a following and finish more games!

Where does your money go? 
Two places.
  • First, it allows me to dedicate more time to developing games and eventually making game development my 9-5. 
  • Second, I reinvest it back into other creators. In the interest of transparency, I'll record every dollar spent on other creators.

Stay Up to Date
By following me on Twitteritch.io, or checking out my site.

$1.70 of $100 per month
My first goal is to build up enough to start reinvesting in other creators more reliably.

At $100 per month, I'll reinvest $20 a month in other creators.
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