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About The Shale Project

Hello, and welcome to Shale! We are an award-winning multimedia storytelling initiative roughly in the shape of a planet. We really like telling stories—and we're building one great big world to tell them on!

What is Shale?

Shale is an artistic collective that strives for three things: top-notch worldbuilding, daring and exploratory fiction, and the overarching philosophy that art is medicine. Since our launch in March 2018, we have built an immersive website, published two novels and a web serial, and begun work on a companion soundtrack. We have also spoken at conventions, organized school presentations, and led some really fun worldbuilding workshops.

Who are We?

Sienna Tristen is the author of The Heretic's Guide to Homecoming, a mental health narrative "disguised as a fantasy novel". A purveyor of many skills and talents, they can also lead a yoga class, play you a tune on violin, speak to you in three and a half languages, and climb forty feet in the air on a pair of silks. Off-planet, they build book festivals with The Word On The Street Toronto, and you can find their poetry in Augur Magazine.

Avi Silver is the author of Two Dark Moons, a YA novel about gender identity and giant lizards. They have also written the web serial "Tales from a Library". Off-planet, they edit for Augur Magazine and have a short story out with the Common Bonds Anthology. When they aren’t writing, you can find them playing their baby harp, destroying the gender binary, and perfecting their chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Between Avi and Sienna alone, we contain queer, nonbinary, asexual, arospec, Jewish, disabled, and neurodivergent identities. Our perspectives are not often seen in mainstream media--but we know they're full of magic and wonder and hope for the future. We love building languages and creating mythology and arguing over the amount of legs a giant fantasy lizard should have, but more than anything, we want to tell the kind of stories that people like us love best.

Why Patreon?

We love what we do, but it takes a lot of investment to make it happen. Between convention registrations, website upkeep, printing overhead expenses, paying our talented and dedicated contributors, and paying ourselves, it turns out there are a lot of moving parts to running a planet. With your support, we can better pay our collaborators (including incredible composer Irene Zhong, cover artist Haley Rose, and Shalledrim Empress Carisa Van de Wetering) and further unfurl the map of this fantastical world.

We have a whole barrel of goodies lined up for the intrepid adventurers who choose to support us, from webchats to Advance Reader Copies to your very own Shale passport. With as little as $2 a month, you get access to sneak peeks of our work — drafts of our manuscripts, sketches of characters, monthly blog posts about art and writing. And at every donation level, we will thank you personally in our printed works and on our website. You're helping us to build something magnificent; we can't overstate what that means to us.

Ready to jump into this glorious unknown? Then take our hands and let's go!

Avi and Sienna
$211.66 of $250 per month
Magnificent! $250 per month will pay for a year's worth of events AND printing costs! We won't have to pay out of pocket to print books or business cards; we won't have to dip into rent money for convention registrations or event space rentals. These are the two largest expenses for us--having them covered is a huge load off and allows us to put our resources to other things (like commissions and makeup for our shalledra)!
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