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As a Commoner, the Ninth World lays before you filled with mystery, opportunity, and danger. Welcome to Numenera!


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About The Well Beyond

The Well Beyond is an actual-play roleplaying podcast written and produced by EncounterRoleplay, featuring the award-winning tabletop RPG "Numenera" by Monte Cook Games.

Launching in September 2019, The Well Beyond will feature 24 production-quality episodes depicting one continuous Numenera campaign. 

Why Patreon?
The Well Beyond is a passion project, but of course it comes with costs - writing and recording, production and editing, commissioning artwork and web-design/hosting. Everyone on our team has invested an unreasonably generous amount of their time to launch Season One of this project. And we loved doing it! Together, we all firmly believe in the power of sharing stories. And we love how the uniquely rich world of Numenera and its streamlined rules allow us to explore so many different narratives.

But our vision for The Well Beyond extends far into the future. We hope to grow this project and its community not only to span multiple future seasons, but also to include the possibility of spin-offs, side projects, and collaborations - all across multiple media platforms! 

Where Your Support Goes
The majority of your patronage goes directly to supporting the costs of maintaining the show's ongoing seasonal cycles - ex. patronage between August 2019 and February 2020 will support Season One costs, while patronage from March 2020 to February 2021 will support Season Two costs. The small remainder of all patronage received will go towards quality improvements and planning for future non-core content for The Well Beyond community.