Virginia Combs

is creating the Well-Bred & Well-Brewed Podcast




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About Virginia Combs

A life-long fascination with arts and history, I used to listen to The Writer’s Almanac each morning. Listening to something soft, maybe a bit inspiring or thought-provoking, makes my mornings easier and my day brighter. When the show was cancelled with good reason, I missed having something to listen to in the morning.

did return in 2018, but it just wasn’t the same. Knowing the circumstances under which Keillor left Minnesota Public Radio, I couldn’t keep listening. I also began noticing a distinct lack of diversity among the birthdays and stories shared on Writer’s.

I tried listening to a daily poem but that wasn’t quite enough. News programs are often too depressing or stressful (for the morning at least). Music isn’t bad, but it doesn’t always lead me to feeling like I learned something.

So I’ve taken matters into my own hands.

I’m starting this podcast, Well-Bred & Well-Brewed, because I like to start my day with a bit of culture, a bit of art, and definitely a cup of coffee. But you can sip whatever beverage you prefer 😉