is creating a toy car track for Assetto Corsa

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This tier is for those who, with a little donation, wanna show their support! A dollar was more than I ever expected to get when I started this project so it definitely has a big impact! ^^
It also allows you to vote on polls regarding track ideas that the 'Influencers' came up with!
Includes Discord benefits
  • Voting power on polls!


per month
The track is being worked on every day, and every so often a new build will be made for the track. With this tier you'll get access to the latest build version for as long as you're a Patron, and there is a server to play on with your fellow Patrons! You'll get a special role in the Discord so you can chat with just your fellow drivers and link up to then drive together! ^^

You'll also have the same voting privileges as 1$ tier Patrons :3
Includes Discord benefits
  • Voting power on polls!
  • Get the latest versions of the track!


per month
Well, you must really love the track if you choose this tier! That deserves some benefits, along with the benefits of lower tiers(voting power, the track) you also gain a say in future track updates!

Think of it like this, if I for example want to make a drawing to put somewhere on the track, Patrons of this tier get to come up with one idea each! Those ideas will be put into a poll for all Patrons to vote for their favorite(s)!
Includes Discord benefits
  • Get a say in certain track elements!
  • Voting power on polls!
  • Get the latest versions of the track!



About Wellvos

Welcome to my Patreon everybody!

So. I've been working on a track.

Aaaaaand not just any sort of track!!! A toy car track for Assetto Corsa! Basically you'll be driving around the house with pencils as barriers and coasters as curbs and a whole lot more, all to make it look and feel like you're inside of a toy car when you're racing around! Now I know most, if not all of us, here like cars so I'm sure a lot of you who found my patreon played with toy cars when you were younger, lining out a track with pencils and then racing your toy cars around it has always been a good memory.. So.. I know how to make 3D models, and am a man child.. so I figured I might aswell take this concept aaaaand put it into Assetto Corsa.. but.. yeah.. make the track 7 year old me could only dream of!

anyway I've been spending a lot of time on this track so yeah, that's why I decided to make a Patreon :3 The track will be roughly 3 minutes per lap, depending on the car of course, so that promises quite the driving experience, it offers a wide variety of corners and scenery, attention to detail is the key word here! ^^

Discord: https://discord.gg/uCwQWwN7QG

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