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About Software Magicians

Welcome to this Patreon page!
Since you found it, you may know that we're a dedicated team looking for the best talents to develop great software.
It will allow people to enjoy a game worldwide, the way they want: alone, or with their friends and their communities.

Why a Patreon page?
As you may know, our development project is very new and we're thinking that money would be a real boost as we could attract talents more easily to work with us.
That's why we are proposing you to donate a monthly amount, that will be spent to make this project great again deliver as soon as possible!

What do I get in return?
2 main perks!
  1. A special rank on our Discord server that will unlock a secret channel, visible to Patrons only. In this channel, you'll be able to decide where and how to spend the monthly pledge.
  2. The satisfaction to contribute to our project. Even if you're not a dev or you don't have enough time to help us code great things. Money can help a lot. That's why we would be very grateful.
On the Discord channel, you'll have access to a monthly accounting review, presenting you the available funds past and present spendings. That way, you can keep track of how your beloved money is being used! :)
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