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2019 is the year we GET SERIOUS!

Your support has meant the world to me over the last year, and this year I have set a hard goal of 4 issues, that's 88 pages, of Natalie Unseen! I've even started pressuring the writer for scripts, which is saying something since I'm married to (and have to live with) him...

You guys have made this possible! Thanks to you I am paying for my software subscriptions and I purchased an iPad Pro to increase the number of hours that I can comfortably work on comics. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

I can not wait to see what this year holds for Natalie Unseen!

Currently working on: 

Natalie Unseen No. 4 | Into the Parlor

Artwork for this issue is done! I'm working on word balloons and narration boxes. The .pdf will be available for my $1+ patrons next week!


Natalie Unseen No. 3The Elsewhere House
As part of her interview process with the School of Unseen Research, Natalie heads to Maine to investigate the disappearances along US-201.
Natalie Unseen No. 2 | Interview With a Changeling
The Mouse Princess was raised by humans in their strange ways. They named her Natalie Close and taught her that she was not a mouse. She became fascinated by her new home and absorbed its stories.
Natalie Unseen No. 1 | The Mouse Queen's Bargain
Once upon a time... A queen strives to secure the future of her realm and her infant daughter. A killer plans to fulfill his contract. When their goals cross in the woods, one life will take a path neither expected.
Wild Women of the Kitty-Kat Galaxy! and Dope Fiends of the Zombie Cafe! on comiXology!

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It's beginning to get real! If I can reach this monthly goal, we'll have a fighting chance of seeing a print copy of the first Natalie Unseen story arc. Natalie! In your hands! Spread the word...
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