Wendover Productions is creating Educational Videos

$2 /creation
Access to the contributor-only feed including behind-the-scenes updates, ramblings, and access to videos 24 hours in advance (not guaranteed, but every effort will be made.)

Also, the clas...

$5 /creation
A handwritten letter and Wendover Production stickers delivered to wherever you are in the world. (Delivered after 3 successive contributions)

Includes $2 tier rewards.

$15 /creation
Your name in the description of the video as a thank you for as long as you’re a contributor.

Access to a high-level contributor group chat (on Skype) where I’ll seek out advice, ask quest...

$20 /creation
A Wendover Productions t-shirt delivered to wherever you may be (on earth only please.) This reward needs a high volume to make sure there’s money left, so it will go out when/if I hit $500 per vid...

$50 /creation
Your name (or twitter handle or youtube username) in the end credits of the video as long as you’re a contributor.

A thank you chit chat with Sam (Wendover Productions founder) over Skype. ...

$100 /creation
This contribution level is insane. If anyone actually ever does it, I’ll thank you verbally at the end of a video, send you cookies if you want, we can do late night phone calls, you’re basically m...