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🌟 You will be receiving 1 selfie (random character) 


Tier 2: Wallpaper~

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🌟 You will get Tier 1 reward
🌟You will also get  2 extra selfies that can be used as wallpaper for the phone!! 
✨客官将会收到Tier 1的福利

Tier 3: Live Wendy!

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reward item
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🌟You will get Tier 1 + Tier 2 reward
🌟You will also get 1 extra selfie (random) + 1 Video ( 30secs - 1 min)
✨客官将会收到Tier 1 + Tier 2 的福利
✨以及收到一张额外的自拍(随机选择)+ 一个小视频(30秒-1分钟长)



About wendydydydy_酱油

       Hello and Welcome to my Patreon!! 

                  Announcement 通知 

Wendydydydy cosplay Patreon officially stops on April 1, 2021, so PLEASE remember to cancel your subscription!

酱油cosplay将从4月份开始暂停P站, 各位客官记得取消订阅哦!

Hi there, I'm so happy to see you here and interested in supporting my work! 

                           About Me

      This is Wendydydydy, a cosplayer from America. The reason why I started my Patreon is that I want to bring my favorite characters into real life, and share it with the world. I put a lot of effort into every cosplay because I want it to be perfect, in another word, I don't want to ruin my favorite character by low-quality cosplay. However, cosplay isn't a cheap hobby, it takes a lot of time and money and as a student, it's hard to afford this high expense. So please back me up!! I want to share my happiness with all of you! And deeply hope my cosplay/project makes you happy too!! 

                  About Payment 关于付款那档事 

 ^ You will be charged with this month once you pledge and will continue to charge every 1st day of each month. There will be NO REFUND after rewards are sent out. 

^当你订阅福利的那一刻, 系统就会自行收取这个月的福利费用。~ 然后持续每个月的1号自动收费!!(如果不想续定记得取消!)福利发出的那一刻 将不受理退款事宜!

                *Rewards send out date 福利发出日*

^ All the reward will be sent by the end of the month around 25th - 30th~ 
^ Cosplay photo set of next month will be also announced at end of the month~ 

^Every previous rewards link will be expired when the new rewards are updated. For example: When April rewards are out, the link for March rewards will be expired. 

^ If you Pledge for the Special Tier: Build your own waifu, the reward will be sent once it's done!! l!! It takes time to prepare and get done! Please understanding >x<  *** Also please DM me before pledging this Tier so I can tell you more detail about this content~ ***

^所有上个月的福利下载链接的过期时间是当月的福利发出后 所以记得收取哦
^如果客官订阅了特别阶级:组装我婆~ 福利将会在定制完毕后发出!因为需要时间来进行准备和拍摄 所以不能确定福利发出时间 拜托体谅酱油...>x<... *** 请客官在订阅特别阶级之前记得私信酱油~ 这样子酱油就可以告知客官更多关于这个阶级的信息了~ ***

                          About Content 关于内容 

^ As you might have noticed, there is a PG18 rating on my Patreon, but I DO NOT do any nudes or overly sexual content!! All I want to do is cosplay, and share it with all of you~

^当客官进入酱油的Patreon主页会注意到18+的提醒 但是这不代表酱油会有任何露点或者大尺度的内容!!酱油也不会做的! 酱油只是想安安静静的出好看的cos和大家分享ww

                         Personal Right 个人权利 

^Patreon is a way to support my cosplay, please do not sell and share my Patreon contents to the third party due to the right that is own by me and photographers. I’ve been experienced about others stole my photo and sell... But all of this is the hard work that I and photographers pay on which means a lot to us! Thank you very much for your understanding and support. 

^Patreon只是一种支持酱油的方式, 拜托大家不要二手转卖以及转发酱油的Patreon福利给自己以外的第三人。所有图片的最终所有权都归于酱油以及该图的拍摄者!!酱油本身也有经历过他人盗取酱油的图片然后非法贩卖以及诈骗,真的很过分,就这样子直接无视别人的劳动成果。感谢大家的理解和支持!

                            Social Media 社交网站 


                                    ~Other Sponsor~

40 of 100 patrons
Thank so much for the huge support on Patreon!! 
So I decided when we hit the number 100 patrons then I will send out a free cosplay photoset (Shining swimsuit from Arknights) to all patrons!! Let's make it happen! 
酱油决定当订阅人数到达100人的时候 酱油将会送出一套cosplay套图(明日方舟闪灵泳衣)给所有的客官们!让我们一起达到目标吧!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 84 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 84 exclusive posts

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