Wendy Jehlen is creating Dance Haikus

$1 /creation
Get access to blog with reflections from choreographer and dancers, participate in gatherings in your city.  In the next two years, gatherings will occur in Boston, NYC, São Paulo, Bangalore, Triva...

$3 /creation
The above, plus participate in a video shoot - there will be opportunities in Boston and São Paulo for large group video shoots.  We will also be asking people around the world to participate by se...

$5 /creation
All of the above, plus access to extended video footage from shoot with Wendy Jehlen and Lacina Coulibaly for the video "Entanglement" and/or extended video footage from Wendy Jehlen and Parkour Ge...

$10 /creation
All of the above plus the opportunity to attend a rehearsal or shoot and to provide feedback. There will be rehearsals and video shoots in at least Boston, NYC and São Paulo within the first year.

$12 /creation
All of the above plus participate in a webinar on the purpose of dance in a global community. Dates TBD.

$25 /creation
All of the above plus dinner with Wendy when she is in your city.