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Wendy's Guitar Lessons was launched in February 2020, when I became a full time self employed music teacher / musician.

I teach children and adults online and locally (when the lock down has ended).
I mostly play guitar, which has been my favourite instrument for over 40 years, but I also sing and play violin, keyboard / synth, bass guitar, drums, mandolin, ukulele etc...
I have been playing live in bands on and off throughout my life.  I have played many different styles of music, from pop, folk, reggae, jazz, country etc. 
The Introverts - Indie / 60's, The Mudskippers - punky / heavy,
The Bush Doctors - original / pop / reggae, Snapshot Band - original music
Rhythm Travellers - Blues / Folk / Americana
Centre Stage Swing Band - rhythm jazz guitar
Whirligig - Norfolk Ceilidh Band - folk tunes / pop / mixture of styles 
Snapshot Duo with Chris - pop, folk, reggae mix 60's, 70's and 80's music 
I have been in other bands and orchestras over the years, too many to mention all of them. 

My lessons draw on this extensive 35 years of practical / real world experience of playing music live.  I have been able to teach only part time for many years as I have been working full time as well, but I have now taken the plunge and am hoping this will be my future career.

I am especially interested in helping people learn music who have Dyslexia, Autism, or ADHD and have had experience with this over many years.
I am currently completing an Open University course on understanding autism while we are in lock down.

Any support with this new project would mean a lot.

Donations could go towards teaching children who's parents can't afford lessons at this moment, this would help immensely.

Online guitar teaching is going really well, but I need to get a lot more students if I am being realistic about continuing.

I now need to make up for the complete loss of income from months worth of wedding, birthday party and community gigs we have now lost.
I also played in a few local care homes with the Snapshot Duo, to people with dementia etc.. and just seeing how much they loved music and how they sang along or tapped their feet and how much joy it brought them, seeing the smiles on their faces made it worth while, but sadly the care homes have now closed their doors,because of the virus.

In hindsight, this is probably the worst time in living history to start being self employed as a music teacher / musician.  You also receive no support from the government if you have started out this year.  Many musicians such as myself will be facing financial struggles over the next few months, or however long the virus limitations go on.

All is not lost thought, as I have adapted well to teaching guitar online and have more students now than I did when I was teaching in person, feedback has been encouraging, I have put some of the comments on my website.
I am currently working on more new videos to help people with learning guitar in isolation, which I will be posting on my channel soon.
Many thanks for your support and take care.
Wendy : ) x

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