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About Wen Spencer

Hi! I’m Wen Spencer. I’m the 2003 winner of the John Campbell Award for Best New Writer and author of thirteen novels. My longest running series is the Elfhome series. My newest book is The Black Wolves of Boston, which I plan to turn into a series.

I've always wanted to do special things for my fans, but generally the costs are prohibitive. Commissioning art, printing, postage, it all adds up.

I've also wanted to have a more meaningful engagement with my fans. Something more personal than snippets on Facebook or a tweet.

Patreon seemed like a solution to both problems. I can use it to finance cool perks for fans like custom signed book plates, artwork, fantasy maps of my worlds, signed chapbooks and more. It's also a place I can share exclusive "patrons-only" unedited work-in-progress for valuable feedback from my closest fans.

One of the issues I had was coming up with rewards. I wanted meaningful monthly rewards for my patrons -- but I also wanted to come up with a way to give away one-time gifts like signed books, or other physical goodies.

After a great deal of brainstorming, I’ve come with a cool idea: gift points. At the "Team Big Sky" level and above, each patron earns points for every month they support me. They can use these points for one-time gifts above and beyond the standard ongoing rewards. I'll maintain a Patrons Gifts page post listing everything available starting with things like Post Cards and Signed Copies of my books. As we reach new goals, I'll add new and unique items to the gifts page.

I hope that you'll join me in this adventure. As a bonus, I'm giving exclusive access to a new Elfhome novella, Monsters in Our Midst to anyone who signs up at the "Team Big Sky" or above level.

- Wen Spencer

(A table of contents can be found on my website under my Patreon page there.)
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Elfhome Zoology Guide Booklet! I'll have an illustrated chap-book with select Elfhome flora and fauna created and added to the patron gifts page.
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