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Werechild is a weird, sideways little story about a gender-nonconforming, biracial, ten-year-old werewolf overreacting/underreacting to stuff.

It's also a story about learning how to navigate unexpected or unwanted change without losing yourself, even when that change reveals things about yourself that you didn't know were there.

I've been working on some version or other of this comic since 1999ish. It's been in the works longer than any other story (I write long-form prose, too) and it wouldn't still be kickin' if there weren't something really special and worthwhile there. If I can tell the entire story, I think a lot of people will get a little something out of it.

The comic will always be available to read for free.

As of now there's still about 120 pages left to go. We haven't even gotten to the really good bits yet. I'd like you to help it get there.

Real talk:
It's no secret I've always had trouble Actually Making Pages. I'm autistic and have major depression; executive function is a huge area of struggle for me. On top of that, visual art isn't typically my go-to medium. I like doing it — and I love this story — but it's a real uphill battle to Do The Thing. My average right now is something like one new page every 2-3 months.

I'd like to get that higher.

With 120 left to go...? I don't want this project to take twenty more years to finish. I mean, I'll do it, but wouldn't it be way better if we could shave like a decade off the top?

One of my chronic obstacles, like many millennials and most autistics, is unemployment. The jobs I have managed to obtain have ended up damaging my health to the point that basic everyday functioning (and I mean basic) became hit-or-miss. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if I can't open my mouth to take a bite of a sandwich (much less get up and make a sandwich), then I'm not going to be working on the comic.

Sorry to get all personal on you, but I want you to see the link between money and my ability to make the comic.

And if that isn't concrete enough for ya, how about this:

If we reach a high enough goal, I will relinquish some of my rabid obsession with creative control and hire an independent artist to help with the pages — whom I will pay a fair amount (with your direct help!). If this happens, you'll not only be supporting two artists with one stone, you'll also be giving Werechild a turbo boost and, let's face it, probably a quality boost as well. (Plus, y'know. Getting some cool rewards for yourself.)

I think we can do it.

How much should you pledge?

Well, how much is it worth to you to get the next page of the story?

Most patreon creators ask you to pledge per-month; because my output is so irregular, I'm asking you how much you'd like to pledge per page. Patreon will let you set a limit on how many pages per month you're willing to donate to (so if you set your limit at 2, and I post 10 new pages that month — *snrk* yeah right — you'll only be charged for the first 2).

Thanks for reading this far! And I mean both this monster page and the comic. You're a rockstar!
$5 of $25 per new page
This gets me most of a tank of gas, and gets y'all a special piece of thank-you art posted on the main site.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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