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About Werewolven Games

Werewolven is an independent game development studio. Founded by AJ Dare: musician, programmer and ecomm entrapaneur. AJ has seen computer games come and go and evolve over the years, and has helmed many tech startup companies.

Frustrated with the cookie cutter and bland trend that games are taking these days and finding it difficult to find fun and addictive games, AJ is now pursuing the fulfillment of a lifelong dream with the foundation of Werewolven games.

Currently, Werewolven is a small and efficient team of 17 people, we have amazing artists, developers, musicians and animators comprising this hand-selected team.

We mean to revive the glory days of game design. Small teams like those that created Diablo and Star Control, or Ultima - small teams in number, but high in passion and talent - they created the BEST games and for years, big  companies have invested hundreds of millions trying to re-create those good old games (and mostly failing).

A small team with a passion for game design. That's the Werewolven way. That's the way that the best games get made.

So we appreciate any support that we get from the community! Presently, AJ, the founder entirely funds all development for Werewolven Games. So if you like what you have played and want to help Werewolven Games continue creating... consider supporting us!

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