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Calling All Washingtons!
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You say you want to give me a buck????

I'll take it gladly! In exchange for your support, you have the option to sign up for the Werks from the Iron Road monthly newsletter. 

You'll also get my eternal gratitude. A buck is nothing to sneeze at - and they can add up!

Coding ... With Honors! Together
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Anyone can benefit from having a code of honor - or coding with honor - or ... anyway. Each of the scripts produced through Werks from the Iron Road for public distribution in Second Life will include a list of the men, women, and non-binary folks that have subscribed to this tier. Your support allows me to script more often in SL - and I will try to knock out a script for the public (thanks to you) each month.

Postal Patrons
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Ten dollars? Woo-hoo! 

Not only will supporting me at this level give you the recognition from Coding With Honors! Together ... but ... you will ALSO gain access to a special comic strip that deals with life in the distant year of 1904 - and set in the World of the Robot Nika. This comic will be open only to subscribers at this level or above and be issued weekly through the Werks from the Iron Road website.




My name is E.P. Isaacs, and I am the person behind Werks from the Iron Road.

Werks from the Iron Road is a company I hope to build. I publish my books (most - but not all - about a little clockwork doll named Nika Thought-werk). I code (mostly to improve the Werk-Books book script in Second Life - see https://werksfromtheironroad.com - "Werk Books"). I sell artwork (most of this is from Nika's book series - but not all of it).

I even draw a comic strip (Postage Stamps - which can be viewed via the link Postage Stamps on Werks from the Iron Road!). I am focused on telling the stories I want to tell - and helping others tell their stories, too.

If this sounds like something that appeals to you, give my website a look - and if you decide to become a patron (either through buying items - or being a patron through Patreon!), bless you!

And even if you don't, bless you anyway! You never know when you might need to sneeze!
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When I reach $500 a month, I will start a podcast series where I read one email (with a question or comment about the comics or books) from a patron and respond to it.
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