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Thanks for making the Open Source world go 'round, every little bit helps! But you get yourself a Twitter shout-out!
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Thanks for making the Open Source world go 'round! You get yourself a Twitter shout-out! Not only that, if you have an issue with some of my work in one of my Github repositories, don't hesitate to contact me and I will help you!
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When you need a 2nd pair of eyes on your work. When you are working on it and needs some validation or when you want to create a Pull Request and need to know if everything is ok. Contact me and we will make sure that the code works.

Or when you need a reviewer on a Pull Request and don't know if you can merge it. Let me know and I will take a look at it.
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About Werner Dijkerman

My name is Werner Dijkerman, living in the Netherlands and currently working as a Platform Architect. I do a lot of work with Ansible, Docker, Zabbix and Kubernetes.

Most of the Open Source Software I work or have worked with, is the following:
  • Original maintainer for `wdijkerman/zabbix` Puppet module. This one is now maintained by VoxPupuli (voxpupuli/puppet-zabbix);
  • Original maintainer for the Zabbix Roles for deployment with Ansible. These are now currently part of the official Ansible Zabbix Collection, found https://github.com/ansible-collections/community....
  • Original maintainer for the HELM Chart for the Zabbix deployment on Kubernetes, found https://github.com/dj-wasabi/helm-zabbix;
  • Original maintainer for several different Ansible roles, specific Telegraf and Ossec (Server & Agent) found on my Github page;
  • Contributor to several different Ansible related repositories, like Ansible core or roles from 3rd parties (Like Wazuh);
  • Contributor to several different HashiCorp related repositories, like Consul & Vault;
Every time when I have the time and chance to do so, I will try to make the Open Source a better place. I don't mind if i would be working on my "own" projects or projects of someone else, as long as it will be improved. Your contributions will help me to be focused on improving the Open Source work where ever I can. From allowing me to buy a coffee (or two ;-)) to stay focussed or just helping you out when you have an issue and code needs to written.

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