Students at Providence are creating A Debt free future for our school

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As a part of our PCS community, receive a digital copy of our monthly newsflash and semesterly newsletter.
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For lovers of the WRITTEN WORD, enjoy the above updates, plus some of our best creative writing every month.  You'll receive either a digital copy of a letter handwritten in cursive or an original composition.
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For lovers of the SPOKEN WORD, besides access to the above rewards, we will send you a digital copy of one of us reciting a poem or giving a speech.  It'll either be really cute, or really thought provoking.  That's how we roll.
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For lovers of ATHLETICS, in addition to the above levels, we plan to send recorded sporting events of our PCS Knights as we vanquish our opponents on the field of battle.  We have Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country and Soccer teams.  We'll send you these digital recordings as frequently as capable so you can watch the PCS Knights from the comfort of your living room.  If you're a friend or family member living afar, this is the perfect perk for you.
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Did we mention our school building is one of the only remaining ART DECO buildings in Huntsville?  For lovers of ARCHITECTURE, we plan to send a monthly digital photo of our beautiful 1938 school building.  Throughout the year, we will include different architectural elements inside and outside the building as well as an annual video tour of selected parts of the historic building.  This is the building you are helping us save, and we want you to feel a part of it.  All above rewards included.
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A one time donation of $50,000 lets you name your own classroom!  For those who love historic building preservation and art deco architecture, you have the opportunity to name a classroom inside the school building which was built in 1938. A name of your choice will be placed on a plaque at the classroom entrance. (Name chosen subject to approval).  Donations may be made directly to the school to avoid internet process fees.