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About Wes Penre Productions

Hello, my name is Wes Penre. I have a website where I publish videos, articles, and a variety of information that concerns us all. https://wespenrevideos.com/

I also have a Discussion Forum that is only available to Patrons (see Tier 2-4 on the right side of this page). We are discussing multiple interesting topics, and we learn a lot from each other. Please check out the Forum at this web address, if you are curious: http://wespenreproductions.boards.net/ .

Another exciting feature for Tiers 3 and 4 Patrons is having access to a private Discord server where we all can discuss topics with each other in real-time at any time. I also offer a live bi-monthly (text) chat session so we may all stay connected and get to know each other, support each other, and catch up on the events of our lives and the world stage.

I wrote a long series of papers a few years ago that has become very popular. They can be found at wespenre.com. They contain research into our true ancient history as I see it, and I spent a lot of effort reading and interpreting ancient texts. I noticed that they all presented the same story, even though they were from different parts of the world and separated from each other.

By cross-checking references, a new and very interesting picture showed up, and eventually, I noticed that by getting a fuller picture, it answered a lot of the questions I had; not only about our past, but also about our present and our potential future. By understanding our ancient history in the way I have interpreted it, it becomes obvious why things are like they are in the world today.

I also worked, briefly, with a collaborating partner (Ariel Glad) which has expanded the research significantly. Her written contributions are also published on the website. Your participation is highly appreciated, and by supporting me, you allow me to continue doing what I love—to research and share my beliefs to the public for free, in an effort to educate mankind on these important topics as I see them.

NOTE: Your donations are also tax deductable! https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/207099326-Is-my-pledge-tax-deductible- 
75% complete
When this goal is reached, Wes will be able to revise the Wes Penre Papers, which will include additional information he has learned since the papers were published.
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